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When it comes to a powerful pressure washer, the Wilks Pressure machine can easily clean soft to hard surfaces. However, to get the right wilks pressure washer, you will need lots of research and time to select the right product for your day to day cleaning. To save your time, we have researched the best wilks pressure washer with detailed reviews.

pressure washer wilks reviews

Wilks makes two types of pressure washers, and these are electric and petroleum. Both types of pressure washer come in a different price range with different features. You will also find Wilks pressure cleaning machine simple to use, operate, and easy to clean multiple surfaces. 

Wilks Pressure Washer Reviews

A pressure washer is a cleaning machine that can easily store in the garage, office or inside your vehicle. So, let’s take a look at the 5 best Wilks pressure washer review ranging from high end to budget-friendly cleaning machine.

1). Wilks Genuine USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer

wilks pressure washer reviews UK

If you look to clean patio, gutters, home decking, car, paving for your home or commercial purpose, check out Wilks Genuine pressure washer. This pressure washer has an onboard storage system that can store the hose, cleaning gun, detergent tank, and power cord all in one place. Comes with a 12-month standard warranty.

It has a powerful motor/engine of 8HP OHV 4-Stroke with a 272/3950 PSI Bar Max pressure. Also, it has a flow rate of 660-litre that gives some serious cleaning on a hard surface. You will also get lots of cleaning accessories like a curved gutter lance, straight lance, turbo nozzle, self-propelled drain cleaner, etc.

You will find a click of 5 different nozzles on the cleaning unit, and these are red, yellow, green, white, black, etc. The built-in 6lt detergent tank can be filled with a cleaning solution that will mix while cleaning your deck or patios. It also has a robust wheel that helps to push the machine while cleaning the surface area.

While using this pressure washer, we have noticed it’s heavy in size, so a senior person might need an extra hand to push or carry the pressure washer from one place to another. Also, after taking it out of the box, it’s not ready to use the unit. You have to assemble each part which might take 20-25 minute for full assembly.


  • 30m Hose Will Cover Most Of The Outdoor Area
  • 5 Different Nozzle Click & Connect Option
  • Powerful 8hp 210cc Four-Stroke Engine
  • Water Flow Rate Of 660 L/Per Hour & 272/3950 Bar Max Pressure
  • Built-In 6 Litre Detergent Tank


  • Heavy In Size
  • Expensive
  • You Have To Assemble The Parts Before Ready To Use
Final Verdict
Wilks USA TX750i pressure washer comes with lots of accessories and cleans hard surface easily. If the stains on the patio, driveways, decks require lots of powerful pressure wash, then you can check out Wilks cleaning machine. You can also use it for commercial purposes, like cleaning buildings, trucks, boats, etc.

2). Wilks Genuine USA TX625 

Best wilks pressure washer reviews

Next, we have a Wilks USA TX625 pressure washer that can also be used for industrial or home purposes to clean the toughest stain on the surface easily. If you need a lot of power to clean a large area outside your house, then this pressure washer from Wilks Tx625 will not let your down.

There is an adjustable dial; you will find that it can also adjust the water pressure speed. Loaded with all the necessary accessories, you will find cleaning much easier with patio lance, turbo nozzle, and self-propelled drain cleaner. The click and go 5 nozzle allows you to select the different water level to clean different surface that requires little pressure to powerful pressure.

When it comes to power, it has a 7HP OHV 4-Stroke motor that delivers the pressure of 272 bar pressure with a water flow rate of 720 L/H (12 L/Minute). With that powerful cleaning machine, it can clean most of the area quickly, consuming less fuel. This pressure washer is made up of a solid steel frame and has a robust wheel that easily drags the machine on an uneven surface.


  • 7 HP 210cc Four Stroke Engine
  • Water Flow Rate Of 720 L/H (12 L/Minute)
  • Bar Pressure Of 272
  • Effective For Cleaning Bricks, Car, Decks, Stones
  • On Board Storage System To Store All The Cleaning Accessories
  • 12m Hose & Additional 8m Hose Is Provided To Clean More Area Without Moving So Much


  • No Hose Reel
  • Not Suitable To Clean Soft Surface Due To High Pressure
Final Verdict
Wilks USA TX 625 is mainly used for commercial purposes only due to its powerful cleaning capability. It will still be the best option for your house if you have a bigger outside area to clean your surface that requires powerful pressure cleaning.

3). Wilks-USA RX550i Electric Pressure Washer

Top wilks pressure washer reviews 2021

If you are looking for a cleaning machine that is the most powerful electric pressure washer, check out the Wilks-USA Electric cleaning machine. This unit has the immense power to clean all the dirt on the patio, furniture, car, and bricks, which requires a powerful pressure wash. 

Multiple accessories come with Wilks electric pressure washer like patio cleaner, lance, rotary brush, fix washer brush, turbo wand, cleaning gun, hose, etc. The patio cleaner is so handy that it will be easier for you to clean patios without any splash of water on your face or body. 

The robust wheel and handle make the unit move easily. Its compact design can be stored anywhere inside the garage or under the shed without absorbing lots of space. The best part of what we like about the feature is to click and go nozzle connection. Take out the pressure washer from the package, connect the hose and lance, and you can start cleaning the objects.

 Wilks electric pressure washer gives a 2500W Constant Induction Motor power with a water flow rate of 510 Litre/Hour. The unit will give continuous pressure of 155 bar & maximum pressure of 262 bar, which is perfect for cleaning hard surface. With 26 meters of a hose and a 5-meter long cable, you can reach more places without moving around too much. Comes With a 24-month standard warranty.


  • 26m Hose & 5m Long Cable Is Enough To Reach Corners
  • With Maximum 262 Bar Pressure You Can Clean Area Quickly & Efficiently
  • 2500W Constant Induction Motor Gives Water Flow Rate Of 510 L/H
  • 1L Detergent Bottle Gives Extra Boost To Cleaning Surface
  • On-Board Storage Helps To Store Hose, Lance, Attachment, & Cable
  • Patio Cleaner Will Clean Surface More Easily Reaching Corners


  • The Continous Pressure Bar Is Only 155, Which Is Less As Compared To Other Competitors
  • Expensive
Final Verdict
When we got our hands on Wilks RX550i, it was easier to use in one go. You don’t have to assemble anything. We took out the pressure washer from the packaging, connected the hose & lance started using it. Also, the continuous pressure of 155 bar might not clean more harder stain or dirt, which you might be looking to clean.

4). Wilks-USA RX525 

wilks pressure washer review

The wilks-USA Rx525 is lightweight in design with a robust wheel and telescopic handle that allows you to move while cleaning the object easily. This unit is ideal for cleaning cars, bikes, garden furniture, and decks quickly. In addition, it has an auto shut-off feature which ensures you will get the water when you need it, hence saving lots of water.

This unit is best for home use only, not idle for commercial use. The onboard storage system allows you to store all the cleaning attachments and electric cable in one place. You will also get a 1L detergent bottle that will give you an extra boost when filled with any cleaning solution for efficient cleaning.

Wilks USA Rx525 comes with a 2400w induction motor with a water flow rate of 450 L/H (7.5 L/M). Water pressure gives maximum pressure of 165/2400 PSI Bar Max Pressure and continuous pressure of 800 PSI / 125 Bar. An 8m hose and 5meter power cable will cover most of the area outside your house. You can also connect the pressure washer by tap or bucket full of water.


  • Best For Home Use Only
  • Decent Pressure Washer That Can Clean Various Surfaces Easily
  • On-Board Storage & Auto Shut Off
  • All Fully Loaded Cleaning Accessories
  • Robust Wheel & Telescopic Handle For Easy To Carry
  • Light Weight Only 16 KG


  • Build Quality Is Average
  • Not Made For Using Commercially
Final Verdict
If you are looking for a pressure washer for day to day cleaning outside your house as a car, bike, patios, garden furniture, etc., then you can check out Wilks-USA RC525 unit.

5). Wilks-USA RX510 Compact Pressure Washer

pressure washer wilks

Super in a lightweight & Super Convenient cleaning machine from Wilks RX510 is what you should check out if you are looking for a budget-friendly pressure washer. This tiny little unit can clean a car, bikes, furniture, paving etc., easily with powerful bar pressure. The wheels and handle on the pressure washer make it easier for you to move around while cleaning the surface.

You will also get a nozzle adapter, patio cleaner, detergent bottle, cleaning gun, rotary brush, etc., which will be handy for you at cleaning. Easy to carry and used anywhere, even from bucket or tap, making it easier for you to clean from any location. The length of the hose is 5m long which might require an extension if you are looking to clean a wider area outside your house.

In terms of power, you cannot accept too much power from Wilks RX510, but you will still get enough powerful pressure that will easily clean medium surfaces. It gives continuous pressure of 90 bar and a maximum pressure of 135 bar. The motor has 1800w power with a water flow rate of 450 L/H that will give a good cleaning experience.

This machine is best for pressure machine below £100 that Comes with 24 months standard UK warranty.


  • Budget-Friendly & Lightweight
  • It Gives Maximum Bar Pressure Of 135 & 90 Continuous Bar Pressure
  • 1800w Induction Motor Gives Water Flow Rate Of 450 L/H
  • Easy Storage On Machine Makes It Easier To Store Everything At One Place
  • Click & Go System Requires Minimal Assembly While Using the First Time


  • Lightweights Put Stability In Question
  • Average Performance In Compare To Other Wilks Models
Final Verdict
Wilks RX510 is best for those who like to clean car, bikes, paving, furniture etc., at a budget-friendly price with easy to carry due to less weight. You can store this pressure washer anywhere due to its compact design.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Wilks Pressure Washer

You should consider a few points after reading the wilks pressure washer reviews for using commercially or for your home use.

Cleaning Power

All the above Wilks pressure washer are best in their cleaning performance. But some are best for cleaning hard surface like paving, patios, driveways, stones, boat, etc. If the flow rate of a pressure washer is more, it will clean the area very quickly, saving time. 

Gas/Petrol Pressure Washer

If you are looking to clean an area that requires a powerful pressure wash, then going with a petroleum pressure washer is the best option for you. These pressure washers will be ideal for industrial purposes, clean parking lots, city sidewalks, cleaning a building, etc.

Also, if you had a larger area outside your house with stones, patio bricks, driveways, then the gas pressure washer will not let you down.

Remember gas pressure washer has powerful pressure so cleaning on the surface like garden furniture, car, bikes, bicycle, might damage your object due to high pressure.

 Electric Pressure Washer

In terms of an electric pressure washer, they are best for cleaning cars, garden furniture, patios, bikes, bicycle, etc. If you are looking to clean outside your house, an electric pressure washer will be an ideal choice for you. In terms of selecting the right unit, we would go with Wilks-USA RX550i.


We hope you like the best wilks pressure washer reviews as these will surely make it easier for you to remove mildew, debris, stains from any surface. So choose the best wilks pressure washer that suits your need.


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