Pressure Washer Shuts Off When Trigger Is Pulled? [Fixed]

A pressure washer can be a valuable tool for a variety of tasks around the house. This cleaning machine can be used for several cleaning purposes, such as keeping your patio clean to removing unsightly stains from the concrete.

Pressure Washer Shuts Off When Trigger Is Pulled
Pressure Washer Shuts Off When Trigger Is Pulled

But this cleaning machine works perfectly right when you maintain and service from time to time. But still, when the pressure washer shuts off when the trigger is pulled, what happens? Is it a sign of other problems that might be harmful to your washer? Let’s find out in this article.

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This issue can occur if the wand nozzle has not been installed correctly or any leaks in the hose connections. The pressure washer also shuts off when the trigger is pulled if there’s a kink in these hoses.

You’ll need to check for this by pulling on both hoses, looking at their ends for kinks, and then straightening them out as necessary before continuing with your cleaning project.

Pressure Washer Shuts Off When Trigger Is Pulled? Solved

The first thing to do is make sure that the pressure washer has enough water in it. If the pump is not drawing enough water, it will shut off when there is no more water left, and you will have to wait for it to refill before continuing.

The next step would be checking if your gas cap is on tightly and that the fuel filter isn’t clogged with dirt or debris.

You can also check if your spark plug needs cleaning or replacing as this could cause a similar issue.

Before we start, below is the list of gears you will need to fix the pressure washer shutting problem.

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Cloth (Dry)
  • Grease
  • Alcohol
  • Pliers

Look At Carburetor

The first method which can be the main reason is clogged or loose carburettor. If the carburettor is choked with dust then it’s time to clean the gas tank.

Remove the air cleaner cover with a screwdriver. The machine may be started to test for dirt in an area of the carburettor, which can cause the pressure washer to shut off when the trigger is pulled.

Do not run it at high speed or long-duration unless you are looking into this problem because it will damage your engine.

Remove the air filter and look inside of it. If you can see a lot of dirt, use a vacuum cleaner to clean out the airbox. Reinstall everything when finished with this step.

A bag filter is another option if there are still signs of dirt in the carburettor after removing all other filters. Be very careful when working with this, as it can be broken easily and require replacement rather than cleaning.

The Unloader Valve


The foremost the main problem where all the pressure washer gets is the unloader valve. The engine begins moving and stalling as the pump’s pressure surpasses that of the engine. Accumulated dirt in the spring, a blocked shaft, or a fractured O-ring is the most typical problem with an unloader valve.

So, lets the discuss the steps to remove and fix the problem of the unloader valve.

To repair your pressure washer, start by looking for the unloader valve. This is generally positioned above the pump system and identified via a black knob. Once you get to know where it is you will need a screwdriver and wrench to remove it.

Removing Valve

Now Remove the unloader valve from the bay using a screwdriver and wrench. The unloader valve should be locked in its bay with the valve-retaining pin. Because there is only a tiny gap between the Unload valve and the machine, it might be tough to work with one hand.

Check The Issue

Inside the Valve, you will discover a variety of components, including the O-ring, piston, and setting. Any of these parts could be causing the actual pressure washer failure to seal off the pressure. Check every component carefully and correct it if necessary in order to keep the machine in excellent functioning order.

To eliminate the problem, use alcohol or kerosene to clean out any debris inside the piston. If the piston is free and unclogged, don’t use the above method.

Adjusting The Setting

If the above method does not work properly then it’s time to check the setting of the machine. This valve setting is perfect for controlling the pressure and their pressure setting is done manually. So, if the setting is set at high pressure then this might be the reason the engine fail running.

Steps To Fix The Setting

  • Firstly switch on the outlet valve. Continue running until all the air is out, and water starts coming out.
  • Locate the valve’s adjusting knob that will be in colour black.
  • After locating the knob tight the spring and select your desired pressure. 
  • Keep moving the nuts until the gun trigger go off.
  • After successfully setting the method you will see an increase in pressure.

Final Words

Pressure Washer Shuts Off When Trigger Is Pulled – There are many reasons why you might experience problems with your new pressure washer. The most common would be that it needs to be serviced or repaired, but there could also be something wrong with the trigger mechanism of the pump itself.

If this is happening, please refer back to our guide for troubleshooting tips and tricks on how to fix a loss of pressure when pulling the trigger. We hope these have been helpful in getting your power washing project completed more quickly.


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