Petrol VS Electric Pressure Washer – Buyers Guide UK

Petrol VS Electric Pressure Washer

Someone rightly said that we couldn’t live without pressure washers these days as they become an essential part of our lives. There is plenty of cleaning machine available in the market, and these are petrol vs electric pressure washer, which confuses the buyer which is best for there daily need.

To clear your doubts, we have written a detailed guide that will help you select the suitable pressure washer for your need.

Petrol Pressure Washer

petrol pressure washer

Looking for a helpful machine in cleaning agriculture, industrial, domestic, a petrol pressure washer is ideal for cleaning all the task quickly. You don’t need any electricity to run the machine, but you will need petrol to run it. Also, these are heavy in size and make lots of noise when cleaning the surface. Now let’s talk about the feature of the petroleum cleaning machine. 


Capable of doing the most challenging cleaning task quickly with a petrol pressure washer. Whether you use a patio, bricks, truck, driveways, parking lots, etc., they will do their cleaning job perfectly.

If you connect them with a gutter lance and increase the hose’s length, they can even clean large buildings, ceilings, gutters, etc. Never use it on a car, garden furniture, or bike, as it can do severe damage or break the object due to its high pressure.


It has a minimum power of 2200 PSI to a maximum capacity of 5000 PSI pressure washer in terms of power. The more the machine has, the more water flow rate will be.

Available Models 

Electric Pressure Washer

Electric VS Petrol Pressure Washer

Electric ones are mainly used for home cleaning only and cannot be used for commercial purposes. You can use the machine for cleaning cars, bikes, bicycles, patio, garden furniture, etc. They require electricity to operate and makes less noise in comparison to petroleum machines.


The electric pressure washer has excellent power but less than petrol cleaning unit. It can produce energy from 110 bar to way up to 210 bar (maximum) with a water flow rate of 480 L/H.


An electric pressure washer is mainly built for home use only due to their low power, and also they need electric power to run. Most of the electric ones have a wheel and a handle to push while doing the cleaning. You don’t have to refuel them again and again to operate them. 

Due to their compact size, you can store these units inside the garage, shed, or corner of your house. You cannot use them for daily purposes and also the cleaning is limited as they have less power.

Let’s Have A Look At Pros & Cons

Electric Cleaning Machine

An electric pressure washer is lighter, easy to carry, and best for home use only. Almost all the units come with cleaning accessories and work very quietly with an easy operation option. The disadvantage is that you will need a power source to run, and the cable or electric connection should always be dry.

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  • Lightweight
  • Best For Weekend Use
  • Silent
  • Ideal For Car, Bike, Garden Furniture, Patio, Etc
  • Can Be Stored Indoor Places


  • Less Power
  • Cannot Be Used As Daily Cleaning Purpose
  • Not Long Lasting Product


In terms of petroleum, a cleaning machine is best for daily use in commercial places. They are so powerful that they can do any challenging cleaning task quickly. The negative factor is you have to fill the unit every time you want to run and also these cant be stored inside the house as they might leak the petrol and may cause the flame that can be dangerous. 

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  • Ideal For Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture Use
  • Does Not Require Any Electricity To Run
  • Capable Of Cleaning Larger Areas
  • Toughest Stain Can Be Clean Quickly
  • Powerful Engine & Last Longer In Compare To Electric Ones


  • Heaver In Size
  • Expensive
  • Noisy


Petrol VS Electric Pressure Washer Which One Is Better?

pressure washer

If you want to clean small to medium objects at weekends, an electric pressure washer is made for you. Remember, these products do come at a budget-friendly price, but they do not last long. 

But if you’re going to use it daily and want to clean hard surfaces that do get dirty regularly and require intense pressure, you should look for a petrol pressure washer. They will cost you higher and lasts longer.

 Conclusion For Electric Vs Petrol Pressure Washer

We hope you like the information on petrol vs electric pressure washer, and we might have clear all your doubts. The above-listed information is based on our experience and knowledge of using these machines. But the final decision is still up to you and what is your working requirement.


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