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Nilfisk introduced its first pressure washer in 1962 which was made for industrial purpose in Denmark by P. A. Fisker and H. M. Nielsen.

But today company has launched multiple types of Nilfisk models available in the market, which is ideal for washing various objects which makes the cleaning more effectivity and quickly. 

But due to various pressure washers available in the market, we have selected a few models and written a detailed guide on different Nilfisk pressure washer reviews.

Nilfisk Pressure Washer Reviews

There are many other pressure washers available in the market today like Karcher, Wilks, Makita, Hyundai, Honda, etc. But what’s special in Nilfisk models let’s find out.

1). Nilfisk C 125 bar Pressure Washer

nilfisk pressure washer reviews

Nilfisk C 125 is a powerful pressure washer ideal for cleaning cars, paving, decks, garden furniture, bikes, etc.

If you are searching for a cleaning machine that is not only lightweight but also easy to carry, then Nilfisk C 125 will be a great choice.

This pressure washer has an onboard storage system that stores all the cleaning attachments in one place, allowing you to start your next cleaning project quickly. The wheels help you to drag the machine around your house easily.

The 1500w powerful induction motor and high-quality metal pump give maximum pressure of 125 bar and a water flow rate of 460 litre/h cleanings sensitive area easily. This portable pressure washer covers a cleaning area of 30 square metres per hour with jet spray.

With this pressure washer, you will get many accessories such as a pressure gun, pressure hose, detergent bottle, power speed nozzle, lance, tornado nozzle, etc. The 8m hose and 5m power cable will cover most of the area outside your house, making you move lesser while cleaning.


  • Maximum Pressure Of 125 Bar & Normal Pressure Of 85 Bar
  • 460 L/H Water Flow Rate Clean The Area Quickly
  • 6m Hose Length & 5m Cable Allows you To Clean More Area Without Moving To Much
  • Auto Start On/Off Protects The Motor From Any Electrictiy Failure
  • Lightweight Only 6 Kg


  • No Patio Cleaner
  • Normal Pressure Is Very Low Not Ideal To Clean Hard Surface
Final Verdict
Nilfisk C 125 pressure is best for cleaning cars, patio, garden furniture, etc. If you want a lightweight, compact pressure washer, then Nilfisk C 125 will be an ideal choice.

2). Nilfisk C 120.7 Bar Pressure Washer

Best niflisk pressure washer reviews

Nilfisk is well known for making pressure washer lightweight and easy to carry while doing cleaning jobs. The same goes with our next Nilfisk C 120 pressure washer we have next on our list. The built-in trolley allows you to tow the machine while cleaning the outdoor surface.

The metal pump gives a maximum 120 bar pressure with the normal pressure of 80 bar and a water flow rate of 440 L/H. Also, you will get a patio cleaner and other cleaning accessories with a nilfisk pressure washer. Auto on/off with thermal sensor cut off power when the voltage power is not right, protecting motor/pump from failure.

The 6m long hose and 5m power cable easily cover the outdoor area cleaning garden furniture, patios, cars, bikes, caravan, etc. If you are looking for an extra power pressure washer, c120 will be perfect for your daily cleaning purpose.


  • Powerful Pressure Washer In Budget-Friendly Price
  • Maximum Bar Pressure Of 120 & Normal Pressure Of 80 Bar
  • Metal Pump Gives Water Flow Rate Of 440 L/H
  • On-Board Accessory Storage & Cable Hook Keep The Cable Tidy


  • Makes Noise
Final Verdict
Nilfisk C 120 pressure washer is ideal for cleaning patio, driveways, car, etc., efficiently and quickly due to its powerful metal pump. If you are looking for a budget-friendly pressure washer, then you can check out the Nilfisk C 120 unit for your home.

3). Nilfisk C 110 bar 

top nilfisk pressure washer

If you are looking for a pressure washer below £100 and it doesn’t require many assemblies while using it for the first time, check out the nilfisk C110 pressure washer. The compact and lightweight size allow you to store this machine anywhere inside the garage or your house, occupying less space.

The trolley wheel and handle makes it easy to carry and move around the unit while cleaning the surface area. It comes with a 5m hose, and 5m cord length might make the household job easier. You will also get an onboard storage system where all the cleaning accessories are stored in one place.

This unit delivers the power of 1400w with the normal pressure of 80 bar and goes 110 bar maximum pressure. It delivers a water flow rate of 440 L/H (7.3 L/M), cleaning the dirty area quickly. This unit can clean an area of 25 square metres per hour with the help of jet spray.

While using Nilflisk C 110, we find hose length should be a little bit longer than its competitors are providing. But when we connected the hose extension, it increased the hose’s length but decreased the pressure by 10-12 bars that are a disadvantage we see about C 110. It comes with a 2-year standard warranty giving extra peace of mind. 


  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Budget-Friendly With Powerful Metal Motor
  • Maximum Bar Pressure Of 110 & Normal Pressure Of 80 Bar
  • Auto Start On/Off Feature
  • Power Of 1400W & Water Flow Rate Of 440 L/H


  • Hose Length Should Be More
  • Under Powered Pressure Washer
Final Verdict
Nilfisk C 110 pressure washer are made for cleaning soft to medium surface easily with the power of basic pressure. If you are looking to clean a larger area outside your house, prepare to move around while cleaning due to its hose & power cable length.

Nilfisk Pressure Washer Review Buyers Guide

When selecting the right pressure washer, you must consider some points to select the right nilfisk model for your home use.

Cleaning Power

If you are looking to clean patios, fences, driveways, etc., then nilfisk c125 will be the ideal choice for your cleaning process. If you have don’t want to invest a fortune, then c110 will do its cleaning job.

Hose Length

The length of the hose decides how much area it will cover while using the unit. If you feel the hose length is shorter and you want to cover more area, then you can always connect the hose extension to increase the length to reach a wider area. 

Conclusion For Nilfisk Pressure Washer Reviews

We hope you like our reviews on different nilfisk models. All the above three models are powerful with different powerful pressure bar. Also, you will get a 2-year warranty with any nilfisk pressure washer giving you extra peace of mind.

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