Karcher t350 vs t450 Surface Cleaner Reviews

Karcher t350 vs t450

Many patio cleaners are available in the market today, but the leading ones are from Karcher, which are T350 & T450.

Also, we have compared other Karcher patio cleaners, which might be an alternative if you see products out of stock.

So, Both are known to clean the surface neatly, but there is some similarity between the models, and we have described them below with a side-by-side comparison.

So, let’s talk about the differences between Karcher T350 vs T450.

Karcher t350 vs t450

Both surface cleaner has their advantages and disadvantages while using them. Also, the biggest drawback of using these two is they only work with an electric pressure washer.

Below we have written down the guide to help select the correct surface cleaner attached with Karcher models.

Model T350 T450
Weight 4 pounds (1.49kg) 1.2 kg
Power Source Electric Electric
Dimension 38.1L x 17.8W x 30.5H (cm) ‎32.1 x 79 x 101.1 cm
Compatible With K2. K4, & K5, All Premium Models
Vario Lance Two One
Price  Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon

1). Karcher T350


Karcher T350 surface cleaner is perfect for cleaning outdoor areas like patio or decking without splashing the water directly on your face or other parts of your body.

This unit is compatible with various Karcher pressure washer models, such as from K2 To K5, which can be connected easily.

This cost-effective cleaner cleans the surface quickly and efficiently within a few minutes, depending on the surface size.

This unit weighs around 1.48 kg, and in the box, you will get three different colour nozzles, an extension tube, a rotor arm, and of course, a t350 surface cleaner.

You will get two options inside the cleaner. The first option is used for decking or a wooden surface that does not require too much pressure.

The second option is cleaning hard surfaces like patio, brick, and stones, which will remove any dirt that requires more pressure.

Selecting the Right Nozzle

An adjustable cleaning pressure on the top of the surface cleaner will decide which option to use to clean.

If you use this on a K2 or K3 pressure washer with a water flow rate of 350L/H, you should use a green high-pressure nozzle.

Compatible Model

On the other hand, if you use it on the K3 or K5 models, which have a flow rate of 450 L/H, then use a high purple pressure washer Nozzle.

And the beige nozzle that is already installed can be used on the K6-K7 model with a water flow rate of 450 L/H or above.

2). Karcher T450

If you want to clean a larger area, like a bigger backyard, like a parking lot, outside the church, then Karcher T450, also known as T-Racer, will do its job.

From this surface cleaner, you can clean corners and edges easily. Now while testing this unit, I like that it can be used horizontally, vertically, and even on uneven surfaces.

Compatible Models

This unit is compatible with K4 Premium, K4 Silent, K5 Compact Car, K5 Premium, K5 Premium Full Control, K7 Premium, etc.

An adjustable cleaning washer switch helps adjust the pressure according to the cleaning patio slab of soft to hard surfaces.

It weighs 2.14kg, and in the box, you will get all the same accessories available in T350 surface cleaner.

If you choose the surface cleaner for a larger area, lower the pressure washing power (PSI) as the pressure washer force has to be spread over a larger area.

Other Karcher Surface Cleaner

3). Karcher T 5 Patio Cleaner


Karcher T5 patio cleaner is the best alternative to the above patio cleaners.

Like other cleaners, you will get two lances to connect the pressure gun for cleaning purposes. This surface cleaner can easily clean the surface very quickly in less time.

With this cleaner, the handle attached will easily clean vertical surfaces such as a garage.

The power dial allows you to set the patio cleaner’s speed according to the object you are cleaning.

Karcher T5 allows you to hover over the floor and guarantees cleaning even on sensitive and hard surfaces.

This T5 can easily fit all the Karcher models. This unit weighs only 1.4 kg and is made up of good-quality plastic.

4). T 7 Plus


T7 plus an integrated power nozzle is perfect for cleaning larger areas on your patios, edges, and corners without splashing water.

The twin-jet rotating nozzle allows the user to clean the toughest dirty area quickly.

The two attachable extension lances allow you to easily move the patio cleaner and clean the vertical surface.

The t7 is compatible with Karcher K4 & K7 pressure washer models only. There are two buttons on t7, one for the rotating nozzle and the second one is for the integrated power nozzle.


Can T350 & T450 Attach To Any Karcher Pressure Washer?

Yes, T350 can be attached to any model. But T450 can be connected with K4, K5, & K7 models.

What’s the difference between Karcher T350 VS T450?

T350 is best for cleaning small to medium areas, whereas T450 is mainly used to clean larger areas.


We hope you like the article on the patio cleaner reviews. Also, we have listed above other surface cleaners from Karcher that can be connected to any Karcher model.

If you think we have missed out, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.


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