Karcher K2 Pressure Washer Review

Karcher Pressure Washer Review
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When cleaning your car, bikes, cycle, or any surface, a pressure washer is a must that quickly cleans the surface, saving lots of time. There are lots of pressure washers available today from different brands. But in this article, we will discuss the Karcher K2 Pressure Washer Review.

Karcher is a well-known brand today worldwide, and all the Karcher models are available in different price ranges, from budget-friendly to premium ones. Karcher K2 Pressure Washers are entry-level cleaning machine that also comes with 3 different models. We have listed down all three models with reviews, making it easier for you to decide which one is best for you.

Karcher K2 Pressure Washer Review

Kärcher K2 Premium Full Control

Best Kärcher K2 Pressure Washer Reviews

If you are searching for a pressure washer that comes with all the premium accessories and you don’t have to invest more in cleaning accessories, then check out Karcher K2 full control. This unit is ideal for cleaning larger outdoor areas like patios, decking, paving, etc. The onboard storage system and the telescopic handle make it easier for you to carry the machine easily.

In terms of power, this machine delivers 110 bar pressure with a water flow rate of 360 L/h. The full control vario lance allows you to select the pressure according to the surface you will clean.  These are four pressure setting ranging from detergent pressure to flat spray jet, which is very powerful mainly used to clean hard surfaces.

The built-in detergent suction tube gives effortless cleaning that can be applied on any surface. You will get lots of cleaning accessories with this machine, and these are vario lance, one detergent bottle, one car shampoo, foam nozzle, Karcher wash brush, and T150 patio cleaner, etc. 

This pressure washer comes with a 2-year warranty, and the onboard storage system will surely help keep all your cleaning accessories in one place to make it easier for the next cleaning project. Also, the hose’s length is 6m which we think might be less if you are looking to clean a larger area outside your house. 


  • Lots Of Premium Cleaning Accessories
  • 110 Bar Pressure With Water Flow Rate Of 360 L/H
  • Lightweight (4.6 Kg)
  • On-Board Storage Will Keep All Your Accessories At One Place


  • Small Hose Length
Final Verdict
Karcher K2 cleaning machine is ideal for those who are looking for a pressure washer and with lots of cleaning accessories. If you are not interested in paying a premium price, you check out the next machine without cleaning accessories.

K2 Full Control Pressure Washer

K2 Full Control Pressure WasherThis model from Karcher K2 comes with a budget-friendly price range, and also you will get fewer accessories than the previous model. If you are looking to clean small to medium surface like bike, car, garden furniture, check out the Karcher K2 Full Control pressure washer. It has a wheel and telescopic handle that makes it easy to move while cleaning the surface.

You will get a dirt blaster lance, pressure gun, 4m hose, etc. The full control vario lance allows you to select the right pressure by a twist and click feature. The dirt blaster allows you to clean the dirty surface efficiently and quickly. It is light in weight that is easy for senior people to carry for cleaning purpose. 

The power it delivers is 110 bar pressure and a water flow rate of 360 L/H (6 L/M), which is enough to clean a medium surface in this price range. Also, the hose’s length is only 4m, and the electric code length is 5m that is small if you want to cover more area. But if you want more length, you can connect a hose extension that will increase the hose’s size.

If you connect the hose extension, then the pressure will be reduced. The manufacture provides 2 years standard warranty and excellent customer support. The best part about all the Karcher K2 machines is they don’t require any assembly; they take them out from the box and are ready to use.


  • Budget-Friendly Pressure Washer Machine
  • No Assembly Required (Ready To Use)
  • Delivers The Pressure Of 110 Bar
  • Comes With 2 Year Warranty


  • Hose Length Is Small In Size
  • Not Ideal For Cleaning Hard Surface
Final Verdict
If you are looking to clean medium to the small surface then check out the Karcher K2 Full Control machine.

K 2 Compact Pressure Washer

K 2 Compact Pressure Washer

If you are on a tight budget and don’t want to invest more than £100, check out the K2 compact pressure washer. This unit comes with a trigger gun, hose, and lance, which is ideal for cleaning car, bikes, bicycle, etc. This unit weighs only 3.2 kg, which makes it the most lighter machine in the Karcher models. 

The unit delivers the power the same as the above model, but the machine maybe not as stable as the other two model due to its lightweight design. Also, the manufacturer has designed the machine to be stored anywhere inside the garage or shed, taking less space to store.

You will not get any wheel, only a small carry handle that cannot be adjusted according to height. But the onboard storage is a good feature that stores all the cleaning equipment. 


  • Same Pressure Power & Water Flow Rate In Less Price
  • Good For Cleaning Delicate Items That Require Less Pressure
  • You Will Get Hose, Lance, & Trigger Gun
  • Detergent Suction Feature


  • No Wheel
  • Small Handle
Final Verdict
Less in price but does not compromise in power it delivers for cleaning that’s what you are looking then Karcher K2 Compact is the unit you can check out.

The Benefits of Owning A Karcher K2 Pressure Washer

Karcher K2 Reviews
(Image credit: Karcher)

The pressure washer from Karcher K2 is an entry-level machine that delivers high pressure at a budget-friendly price without breaking a bank. The company constantly updating their product, giving its users the best cleaning experience by redesigning the models. To dig deeper, let’s look at why you should consider K2 models if you are on a tight budget.


K2 models are cheap in price in terms of performance but deliver the 1400w power output motor in all the models. Also, they deliver a bar pressure of 110 and a water flow rate of 360 L/H (6 L/M). This might be not high pressure, but it’s enough to clean medium surface like driveways/patio, cars, decking, garden furniture in this price range, etc.

The premium and full control model comes with a patio cleaner that cleans the slabs efficiently. All the k2 model comes vario lance with 4 pressure system. These are soft, medium, hard, and mix, etc. The soft is ideal for spraying detergent on the surface, and the medium is for wooden furniture, hard is for cleaning stubborn dirt/stains on the patio/driveways, etc.

But if you want clean grime, moss, dirt, you can consider the K4 model that delivers more powerful pressure and quickly cleans the surface.


When carrying or dragging the machine, all the K2 models are lightweight and easily carried by older people. They weigh around 4 kg without any accessories attached to the pressure washer machine. But in the K4 model, they tend to carry around 11 kg, which might be heavy for some people.

You might face a problem with the K2 compact model as it doesn’t have any wheel attached to it, and the handle is small. The main problem you might face when you are using the K2 compact model outside your house, and you need to move the unit to cover more area for cleaning as the hose length provided is only 4m long.

Accessories Included

All three models come with accessories according to what model you select. The Karcher K2 Premium comes with vario lance, dirt blaster, one shampoo bottle, one liquid detergent bottle, foam nozzle, etc. K2 full control comes with vario lance, full control dirt blaster, high-pressure gun, etc. And the Compact K2 comes with a trigger gun, one-way lance, dirt blaster lance, etc.

Which is better, Karcher k2 or k4?

Both the pressure washer are best in their segments. K4 has more powerful pressure compare to K2. K4 also has a water-cooled motor, and also the length of the hose 6m long compare to 4m long k4 has. But in terms of weight K2 comes with only 6.2 kg, where k4 has an 11.42 kg weight.

In terms of power, K4 gives the pressure of 130 bar and a water flow rate of 420 L/H (7 L/H) with a coverage area of 29 sqm. All the k4 models come with robust wheels, whereas the K2 compact doesn’t have wheels, only a small handle to carry to other places.


Q. What PSI Karcher K2?

Ans. It has a PSI of 1600

Q. Is Karcher K2 Powerful Enough?

Ans. If you are looking to clean soft to medium-type surfaces like car, bicycle, furniture, and patio, Karcher k2 will do its job. Many people expect too much from the base model and thought of cleaning grim, muse, dirt on a hard surface that requires a lot of pressure. Hence they end up buying the wrong product, and their expectation becomes a failure.

Q. Which Model Should I Go For?

Ans. It all depends on your need and what you are going to clean. If you want all the accessories with features like a telescopic handle, wheels, and hose length of 6m, then Premium K2 Model is what you can check out. But if you don’t want any wheels and can easily carry the machine with a small handle wherever you go, then a compact model can be the best choice for you.

Conclusion For Karcher Pressure Washer Review

Karcher is one of the world-leading pressure washer manufacture company. We hope you like the reviews on all the K2 models. Even if you think we missed out on something, please tell us in the comment section that we will add it as soon as possible.


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