How To Wash Car With A Pressure Washer

how to was a car with pressure washer

A pressure washer is a perfect way to clean cars that anyone can do. It’s straightforward to use, and you don’t need special equipment, just the right cleaning machine.

If you are looking for a way to clean your car with less time and effort, we have written a detailed guide on how to wash car with a pressure washer.

There are many ways to wash a car, but a pressure washer is a perfect choice to clean it effectively and quickly.

This article also explains the benefits and drawbacks of using a pressure washer on your vehicle. 

Now before using your pressure washer to wash your car, there are some points that you should read before starting the washing process.

Selecting The Right Pressure Washer

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Going with the right cleaning machine, such as an electric one, is always recommended, instead of an industrial pressure washer machine.

The body of a car has soft to medium-type surfaces, so it is always recommended to use a medium-type electric pressure washer.

The motorcar also has glass windows and a delicate paint job, so avoid using the powerful pressure washer, which can damage other parts of your vehicle.

Never use a pressure washer on a dirty body surface that can lead to scratches. Also, it can remove paint, especially from an older vehicle. 

How To Wash Car With A Pressure Washer?

  • Set up the hose to point at your vehicle from about two feet away.
  • The spray should be directed in an upward motion which will cause dirt to fall off the car easily.
  • Point the nozzle towards the ground before directly pointing towards the vehicle to avoid damage.
  • Pointing towards the surface lets, you know the pressure of water coming from a machine.
  • After you clean the body, it is time to clean the tyre, mudguard, and engine parts.
  • To clean the tyre and mudguard, you can increase the water pressure to remove all the dirt.
  • After successful cleaning, it is time to take a clean, soft cloth and rub it all over the body.

Selecting The Right Pressure Washer and Nozzle

Selecting the right machine and nozzle for your vehicle is always wise decision.

A low to the medium-power pressure washer with an adjustable spray rated below 135 bar is an ideal choice.

The higher the rating, the more powerful it is, which will cause you to overuse water if not used properly.

You’ll also want an on/off switch on the machine so that operation can be controlled easily.

Apply detergent to your car

The next step is applying detergent to your car. You want to make sure the soap reaches the surfaces of the vehicle.

This helps avoid leaving soapy residue behind, which can cause streaks, spotting, and other problems when water runoff.

Rinse detergent off

After washing, rinse lightly over the entire vehicle using fresh running water by holding the nozzle and standing away from the car – one metre is a safe distance to prevent any damage.

Dos and don’t for cleaning a car with a pressure washer


  • Check the window and make sure it has been closed properly.
  • Point the nozzle on the surface before using it directly on a vehicle to prevent the initial burst of water.
  • Make sure you use different pressure on the glass, tyres, body, etc.
  • Always wear glasses to avoid water splash going in your eyes.


  • Don’t use a pressure washer on the gravel surface, as the stone might hit the mirror.
  • Don’t Spray too close or use it continuously on the body for a longer period.
  • Spraying with powerful pressure might causes damage the body or peel the paint.

Final Thought

It’s easier to pressure wash your car when you keep some points I have just laid out above.

Remember that a pressure washer can do wonders on the dirty surface when used properly and, if not used properly, can cause serious damage to your vehicle.


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