The Ultimate Guide: How to Clean Window With Pressure Washer

How to clean windows with a pressure washer

Every homeowner wants natural light in their home from their transparent windows.

So, it’s always important to ensure that your windows are free from dirt, dust, bugs, and water spots.

Keeping them clean can help you thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and beautiful views, which is why it’s a must-have on your list when you are going to clean your house.

Cleaning windows is quite simple, and we have discussed many commercial solutions in this article that help you make in cleaning process much easier.

Steps To Clean Windows Using Pressure Washer

  • The first step in cleaning windows with a pressure washer is preparing the surface of the window.
  • You should remove debris and dirt from the window using water, soap, and a scrubbing pad.
  • Next, you want to ensure that your windows are dry before starting the cleaning process and free from dust & debris.
  • You can do this by wiping them down with a clean cloth or squeegeeing them off if they’re too high up for you to reach.
  • Clean down the window with water using a long nozzle attached to the pressure washer machine.
  • Attaching the long hose pipe will help you reach all parts of your windows.
  • Pressure wash over the entire window surface, making sure to scrub under any dirty corners or grim spots on your windows for best results.
  • Rinse off all soap and dirt from the pressure washer but make sure you use a low amount of pressure on the glass window to prevent any damage.

How To Clean Window With Pressure Washer [Tips]

Ensure Proper Positioning

Maintain a safe distance between the tip of the sprayer and the window while cleaning.

The spray should hit the window at an angle of no more than 30 degrees.

When possible, clean the window by spraying from the edge of the pane towards the centre to avoid getting any spray under the window putty, as it can cause the putty to fly off.

Use Clean Water

When not in use, turn off the soap dispenser and wash the window with clear water immediately after cleaning it, before the cleaning solution can dry.

Clean Upper-Floor Windows Safely

Use a second-story nozzle or extension wand to pressure clean your upper-floor windows.

Using an extension ladder to power wash the second story is always recommended with proper precautions.

Things to Be Careful of When Using a Pressure Washer 

Do not aim the pressure washer at your windows for too long, as this may cause damage to them.

If you have a wooden window next to your glass, make sure it is covered with plastic or something else that can withstand high water pressure before washing.

This will protect the wood from being damaged by the force of the water.

Inspect your windows closely to ensure no issues or that it is in good condition. Later on, while using a pressure washer on windows, the cleaning should be problem-free.

Tips on Cleaning Windows Indoors

Professional cleaners should be hired to clean indoor windows for best results and safety reasons since they are more difficult than outdoor ones.

If done incorrectly cleaning windows indoors, you might damage the other items inside your house or near the windows.

However, some things homeowners can do inside their homes are removed all picture frames and other essential items to save them from getting damaged.

Will it cause any other damage to my windows?

Yes, pressure washing your windows is safe as long as you use low pressure on the windows.

You should not increase the pressure by more than 100 bar and follow the above guideline to make your washing fast, clean, and damage-free.

Petroleum Or Electric?

The best pressure washer is electric ones, and these types of machines do not have higher pressure and usually range from 80 bar to 200 bar.

Whereas petroleum ones are mainly used in tough power jobs, they have higher water pressure ranging from 200 to 400 bar.

So, an electric pressure washer is ideal for cleaning windows.

Recommended Pressure Washer For Cleaning Windows?






We hope you will not face any problems regarding how to clean windows with a pressure washer.

Always take proper precautions before using it on a glass window. Make sure there is no one standing while you are doing the cleaning job, especially kids.


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