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Stainless steel exhaust systems are one of the most important parts of a car. They provide an efficient way to release hot air from the engine, and it is essential not to block or restrict this flow in any way.

A dirty stainless steel exhaust system can severely impact fuel economy and performance, and emissions. If your car has been sitting idle for a while, you might notice a build-up of dirt, dust, grime and other debris inside your stainless steel exhaust system. It should be cleaned at regular intervals. 

If you don’t want to spend hours cleaning inside of your exhaust system, here are some easy tips for how to clean your stainless steel exhaust more quickly.

How To Clean Stainless Steel Exhaust?

Cleaning your stainless steel exhaust system can be a real pain. It’s not as easy as just spraying it with some cleaner and wiping it off as you would do on other metal surfaces. You have to get in there, scrub the tough areas, and make sure that all of the nooks and crannies are clean too. 

Below, we will tell you how to get your stainless steel exhaust looking shiny again with 5 simple steps.

1). Using Pressure Washer

You might think you have to be a pressure washer pro when it comes to cleaning your stainless steel exhaust, but that’s not the case. If any tough stains stand in the way of an easy cleaning job, blast them with some high PSI water first. But don’t get carried away by spraying into hard to reach areas and getting anything wet inside.

The stainless steel is super durable, and you won’t have any issues blasting it. However, do not get carried away by spraying the interior.

2). Wire Brush

Now, after using a pressure washer, it’s time to cleaning the interior part. To get the thorough detailing of your exhaust, you’ll need to clean the interior as clean as possible. A wire brush is ideal for this job because it can combat some stubborn dirt and grime that your regular cleaning clothes might not be enough to clean inside.

Now take the wire brush and scrub around to break down any carbon buildup from the pipe interior and give yourself an easy-to-clean surface in the future.

3). Remove the grime

There is always a lot of loose grime left in the exhaust after giving it an internal clean. After giving your exhaust an all-natural, chemical-free scrub down with a wire brush, there will still be dirty grime left on the inside of it.

Get a clean cloth and start cleaning the internal exhaust pipe by removing all the grime left inside. Grab a torch and inspect it thoroughly so that you can easily see if there is an area where debris or grime is left out.



If everything is cleared completely, it’s time to give your exhaust a shiny look with the help of metal polish. There are many chemicals out there that can damage and rust metal, and it might cause nasty smears if selected wrong polish. Be sure to find the right polish for your exhaust.

Now grab an old cloth or towel and apply a few drops of liquid polish from a bottle onto it before rubbing away any unwanted tarnish.

Use the right polish, and you will be able to maintain its qualities for years without any trouble, but just one wrong move can cause it to corrode or rust quickly. We always advise that people use products designed specifically for stainless steel polish if possible. So please make sure you know which ones are best before using them on your surface!


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