How To Clean Block Paving With Pressure Washer?

how to clean block paving with pressure washer
how to clean block paving with pressure washer

Tired of cleaning your dirty block paving and looking for an effective solution then here is a guide on how to clean block paving with pressure washer. Driveway is a great surface for driveways and patios, but it can attract dirt as well.

It has an attractive appearance, is durable and withstands heavy use from vehicles or pedestrians. If you want to keep your paving looking new, it needs to be cleaned regularly with pressure washers. However, not all pressure washers are the same.

How To Clean Block Paving With Pressure Washer?

So, Washing block paving with a pressure washer is an essential part of maintaining the quality and look of your property. Block pavements are usually installed by builders or designers and can be difficult to clean. To combat this problem, you should use a broom first before using the pressure washer on your block paving.

 If desired, you will need to use water with an additive to get better results when cleaning your block paving with a pressure washer.

To get great results, you should use a high powered machine industrial pressure washer on your block paving.

Pressure Wash Driveway – Step by Step – It’s all in the Preparation

  • Inspect the paving.
  • Sweep the driveway or use a leaf blower to remove all debris.
  • Be on the lookout for moss and other weeds. Remove them gently using a garden implement and water, hard brush, and scraper.

Pressure Wash Block Paving – Step by Step

  1. Before cleaning the block paving with a pressure washer, you should first prepare all necessary tools and equipment.
  2. You need a hosepipe with a water supply connection; a high-pressure nozzle or gun; an extension pipe (if needed)
  3. Start by spraying down the whole area to be cleaned on both sides of the pavement to loosen dirt particles from it.
  4.  The next step is using a high-pressure nozzle or gun that has been fitted onto your power washer’s outlet tube
  5.  If there are any cracks in blocks that have not been sealed properly before installation, it will be best if you use an extension pipe so that you can reach them all without having to move around too much.

Cleaning Block Paving?

You may have heard many people say that cleaning block paving with a power washer is the easiest option. While sometimes it really is, there are some things to keep in mind when deciding if this is the best option for you. Cleaning a drive with jet washers can remove dirt and moss from the surface, but it might also loosen any sand that has built up on the slabs.

Using a power washer to clean your block paving is generally recommended. But it’s best to angle it at 45 degrees, reducing the pressure on the sand. If you plan to use a jet wash, expect some of the top sand to be blown away. As long as it’s been roughed up with a broom beforehand, it shouldn’t be too difficult to put back in place once dried.

Cleaning block paving is a great way to remove dirt while maintaining the original look of your walkway, but pressure washing removes sand, which will need to be replaced after cleaning. To avoid these kind of situation apply a moderate amount of water, but adjust the pressure so you don’t wash away any loose particles.

Brush the sand down into the joins of your paving each day during that week, until it’s secured once again.


So there we have some useful tips about how to wash block paving with a pressure washer in order to maintain quality and keep them looking great. Remember not to get too close or use high powered machines if possible without first checking; follow these guidelines and enjoy clean, beautiful pavements all year round.

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