How To Clean Block Paving With Pressure Washer?

How To Clean Block Paving With Pressure Washer

Many people use block paving on outdoor surfaces such as driveways, patios, and sidewalks, as they are much more cost-effective and easier to clean.

But after some time, these block paving requires cleaning when they become dirty and stained.

If they remain uncleaned for a longer period, then the crack between the blocks starts appearing, which can completely damage in certain scenarios.

So, to protect them from any cracks, they need to be cleaned from time to time, and for that, you should know how to clean block paving with pressure washer.

There are many ways to clean block pavings, but in this guide, I have explained the cleaning with the help of a pressure washer.

But before I begin, you should know not all pressure washers are the same. Due to the extreme pressure of some cleaning machines, they are not meant to clean driveways.

So for that, we have listed a useful machine for cleaning the paving.

How To Clean Block Paving With Pressure Washer?

So, Washing block paving with a pressure washer is essential to maintaining the quality and look of your property.

Block pavements are usually installed by builders or designers and can be challenging to clean when cleaning is done in the parking lot or near the pool area.

To combat this problem, you should use a broom before using the pressure washer on your block paving.

Also, you will need water with a cleaning solution to get better results when sweeping your block paving with a pressure washer.

You should use a high-powered industrial pressure washer on your block paving to get great results.

Pressure Wash Driveway – Step by Step – It’s all in the Preparation

How To Clean Block Paving With a Pressure Washer

  • Inspect the paving.
  • Sweep the driveway or use a leaf blower to remove all debris.
  • Look for any moss or weeds growing on the edge of blocks.
  • Remove them gently using a garden implement, water, a stiff brush, and a scraper.

Tools Required

Pressure Wash Block Paving – Step by Step

  1. Before cleaning the block paving with a pressure washer, you should prepare all the necessary tools and equipment explained above.
  2. You need a hosepipe with a water supply connection, a high-pressure nozzle or cleaning gun, and an extension pipe (if needed).
  3. Apply the solution all over the Blocks to remove any stains on the floor.
  4. Start by spraying down the whole area to be cleaned on both sides of the pavement to loosen dirt particles from it.
  5.  Now use a high-pressure gun to clean the surface “if the dirt is not going easily”.
  6.  Your Block paving is cleaned and ready to be used again.

Some Safety Tips

safety tips cleaning block paving

Wear Safety Gear: Always wear protective gear before starting the cleaning process. It will not only protect you from injury, but it will also give you more confidence and risk-free cleaning.

Be Cautious When Using Pressure Washer: Always be cautious when you use a pressure washer as when using an electric or gasoline machine.

Both the cleaning machine has powerful pressure. So it is important to use it with caution.

Hold the nozzle at least 4 feet away from block paving to avoid any damage done to blocks.

Keep Children & Pets away: The most important factor when cleaning the block paving is to keep your pets or kids away when doing the cleaning.

Also, if you are using a gasoline machine, make sure its noise does not irritate your pets or neighbours.

Follow Instruction: Lastly, always follow instructions stated in a manual guide inside the machine.

It will not only help you with how to use the machine but also give you a clear idea of how to maintain it in the long run.


How Should I maintain block paving after cleaning it?

After cleaning it with a machine, let it completely dry for a few hours and only walk on it. Also, regular sweeping and removing any stains will maintain it clean looking.

Can I use any cleaning solution on block paving?

It is always recommended to use those cleaning solutions which are not only block paving friendly but also do not harm your pressure washer machine.

So, always use a specially-formulated detergent that is safe on both block paving & cleaning machine.


So I hope the above guide on washing block paving with a pressure washer cleans it without damaging any surface.

Remember not to get too close or use high-powered machines without first checking on the first block.

Always follow the above guidelines and enjoy clean, beautiful pavements all year round.


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