How to Change Pressure Washer Pump Oil

how to change pressure washer pump oil

The pressure washer maintenance should be checked regularly to ensure the unit lasts for a longer period.

To ensure your unit lasts longer, you should change the pressure washer pump oil from time to time.

Not every model requires an oil change inside their pump like the electric ones, but their motors require oil changing to work fluently.

On the other hand, the pressure washer, which runs on gas or petrol in its engine, requires a change of oil every 30-40 hours.

Knowing how to change the pressure washer pump oil is a straightforward step, and before doing it, you should check the owner’s manual guide to do everything correctly.

Let’s discuss it in a step-by-step process that will be easier to follow.

Quick Guide
First, start the pressure washer for ten minutes and let the dirt or water come out of it. Now leave it for at least half an hour so that the motor or pump gets cool. Empty the remaining old oil from the engine, pump or motor in a plastic plate or tray. Attach the funnel to the pressure washer and add new oil. Fill it, close the pump lid tightly, and put the unit back in its original position.

How To Change Pressure Washer Pump Oil

how to change pressure washer oil

Step 1 

First, remove any dirt or water by running the pressure washer for at least 15 minutes. Now turn the cleaning machine off and let it cool for 15-20 mins.

You will need a wrench to remove the pump oil cap. Please wear gloves to be on the safe side.

Now tilt the machine, empty the old oil from the pressure washer in a tray or drain pan, and let it drain completely from the pump.

You can also remove the oil with the help of an oil remover suction pump which will make your process a bit easy.

Tilt the machine downwards, so no oil has been left inside the pump.

Step 2 (Store Old Oil)

Take an empty can, put all the old oil inside, and seal it tightly. Either dispose of it inside the normal trash or take it to the auto workshop.

Step 3 (Adding)

Now we have to put new oil inside the pressure washer pump. Select the right oil by reading the owner’s manual guide and putting the right oil inside the pump.

Never fill the oil tank full with oil. Always keep it 1/4 empty to be on the safe side.

Step 4 (Closing)

Finally, close the pressure washer with the cap and clean the oil on the cap’s top or side. Your pressure washer is ready to use for the next project.

How To Extend Pressure Washer Life?

You can extend the pressure washer pump life by changing the oil regularly when you feel the pump is making more noise or heating up quickly.

  • Check the oil level at regular intervals and make sure it’s full.
  • Make sure there is no leakage in the pump.
  • Please do not use a pressure washer when the engine gets too hot or runs for hours.
  • Regularly clean the pressure washer every time you use it. This will not only increase the life, but also it will look like a new pressure washer machine.


How Often Should I Change Pressure Washer Oil?

It is always recommended to change the oil in 3-4 months, depending on the usage. If you use it too frequently, the time can be reduced to 2 months or 40 hours.

Can I add any Oil Inside The Pump?

No! Adding other oil inside the pump or motor will seize the engine, and the pressure washer will be of no use.


Changing the pressure washer pump oil is an easy task to do. But still you think it’s not a safe task, and then you can always get help from a professional person who will save you time.

We hope the above guide on how to change pressure washer pump oil will help you change it safely and easily.


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