Best Pressure Washer Under £200: Top Cleaning Washer In UK

Best Pressure Washers Under £200

If you are looking for a powerful machine to clean the surface efficiently and quickly, check out the best pressure washer under £200.

Numerous factors come into play to get the perfect machine to ease your cleaning. To get the right unit, you need to research properly. And if you don’t have any knowledge about the product you might end up buying the wrong machine.

To make your decision easy, we have researched and written a detailed guide on a pressure washer that will help you select the right cleaning machine.

Best Pressure Washer Under £200

To get the ideal pressure washer for your daily use for cleaning, we have researched, tested, and listed down some of the top pressure washers at a budget-friendly price. These cleaning machines will surely reduce your time cleaning cars, bikes, garden furniture, patios, driveways, cleaning any surface, etc.

1). Kärcher K4 

top pressure washer under £200

If you are looking for a pressure washer with all the premium features with a powerful pressure wash, you can check out Karcher K4. This unit comes with a LED display trigger gun to control the right pressure for the different cleaning jobs.

display gun

With an onboard storage system, you can store all the accessories like vario lance, power cable, and gun together, making it easy for you to quickly start your next cleaning project. The extendable telescopic handle and wheel allow the user to transport the unit easily, and also, you can easily drag the machine while cleaning the surface.

In terms of power, Karcher K4 comes with a pressure bar of 130 with a water flow rate of 420 L/H (7 L/Minute) that can clean dirty surfaces quickly. You will get the cleaning accessories like vario spray lance, dirt blaster spray lance, 2 AAA batteries, etc. Also, you will get a 3-year standard warranty with excellent customer support.


  • Powerful Pressure Washer With Maximum Bar Pressure Of 130
  • 1800 W Motor Power & Water Flow Rate Of 420 (L/H)
  • 6m Long Hose & 5m Electric Cable Length
  • 3 Year Standard Warranty


  • Hose Length Should Have Been More
Final Verdict
Karcher K4 is an ideal pressure washer if you want to use it for the daily purpose of cleaning your car, patio, driveways, bikes, etc. Also, you will get a hose length of only 6m which we think might have been more when cleaning a larger area outside the house.

2). Norse SK135 

pressure washer under 200

Next, we have a pressure washer from Norse known for its powerful cleaning ability with premium cleaning accessories. From Norse Sk135, you will get patio cleaner, powerful turbo nozzle, quick hose connector, rotary brush, triangle brush, etc. The SK135 can draw from any standing source such as a pond or bucket with powerful suction in less than 4 seconds.

In terms of performance, you will get a powerful high producing 2400w pump that flows water at 500 L/h. The maximum pressure of 205 bar/3000psi or continuous pressure of 135 bar cleans the area quickly and efficiently. You will get an excellent hose length of 12m that covers the larger area without moving too much.

It cleans the area @ 45 square per hour and has a robust wheel that makes it easy for you to carry the pressure washer machine to different places. While using this cleaning machine, the unit’s weight makes the machine stable while cleaning the patios at maximum pressure. Also, you will get a 24-month standard warranty with good customer support.


  • Powerful Pressure Washer In Value For Money Price
  • Maximum Pressure Of 205 Bar & Continous Pressure Of 135 Bar
  • Water Flow Rate Of 500 L/H
  • Excellent Hose Length Of 12m Covers Most Of The Area.
  • Standard Cleaning Accessories


  • Build Quality Is Flimsy
Final Verdict
If you’re looking for a pressure washer with powerful cleaning ability and also has lots of cleaning accessories, you will not regret having Norse SK135. The only disadvantage we find about this unit is that the build quality is average compared to other available cleaning machines.

3). Bosch UniversalAquatak (125)

Bosch pressure washer

The pressure washer from Bosch is best for those who want power and versatility for all-around cleaning performance for their house. This unit requires no assembly when it’s been unpacked from the box. Please take out the pressure washer and use it instantly.

You can adjust the height of the pressure washer according to your need. The innovative 3-in-1 nozzle allows you to control the pressure according to your need. You will get a rotary jet, fan jet, and point jet, all in a single nozzle, making it easier without changing the nozzle every time, allowing the right jet style for the job.

With a water flow rate of 360 L/H and 125 bar pressure, the aquatak gives effective washing in outdoor cleaning tasks. This unit is lighter in size, weighing only 6.55 kg with the auto-stop feature. You will not find many accessories with this cleaning unit only basic cleaning equipment are provided in this price range.


  • 3-in-1 Nozzle System
  • Compact Size For Easy Storage
  • Water Pressure Of 125 & Water Flow Rate Of 360 L/H
  • Ideal For Cleaning Car, Bikes, Garden Furniture


  • Only Basic Cleaning Accessories Are Supplied
Final Verdict
Pressure washer from Bosch Aquatak is ideal for cleaning soft to medium type surfaces easily. From this unit, you will not get fancy cleaning accessories. The best part about this machine is it doesn’t require any assembly to use it for the first time.

4). PAXCESS Electric Pressure Power Washer

top pressure washer under 200

This electric pressure washer from Paxcess is ideal for cleaning the patio, car, driveways, outdoor furniture, etc. This machine has 1800w power that delivers a maximum pressure of 140 bar/2030psi and a water flow rate of 420 L/h (7L/M). The total stop system shuts off the pump automatically when the trigger is not used. This way, it not only saves energy but also increases the life of the pump.

The onboard storage system stores lances, soap dispenser, and trigger gun in the same place, making it easier for you to keep all accessories in one place. You will get an 8m hose, and a 10m power cable is long enough to clean the area easily without moving too much, covering most of the outdoor area easily.

The robust wheel and fixed handle make it roll away the pressure washer easily from place to place. Also, paxcess comes with an All-in-one adjustable nozzle that allows you to change the pressure between the cleaning by twisting the metal nozzle until you get the desired appropriate pressure.

While testing out this unit, the machine did well by cleaning the garden furniture, car, bike, etc. But when we tested out on the patio, it couldn’t clean as effectively due to its bar pressure.


  • Generates 140 Bar Pressure & Water Flow Rate Of 420 L/H
  • 8m Hose & 10m Long Power Cable Is Long Enough To Clean Larger Area
  • Adjustable High-Pressure Nozzle Allows You To Adjust Pressure In Between The Cleaning
  • Automatic Total Stop System Stops The Pump When Pressure Gun Is Not Engaged


  • Basic Cleaning Accessories
Final Verdict
Paxcess is the best budget-friendly electric pressure washer that cleans the objects quickly with its high bar pressure of 140. But also, you will get basic cleaning accessories that might be a disadvantage for some users looking for more cleaning accessories at a low price.

5). WORX WG620E.2 Cordless Hydroshot Pressure Cleaner

worx pressure washer

If you are looking for a portable pressure washer under £200 that draws the water from any source like river, pond, bucket, then check out Worx portable pressure washer. This cleaning machine can be connected from any standard garden hose or tap to give powerful cleaning capability.

To operate this unit, you need to have a battery included, and also, there are so many accessories provided to make your cleaning experience excellent. You will get a 6m water hose, Collapsible Water Bucket, battery, charger, soap bottle, washing brush, etc. This pressure washer weighs only 4.14 kg which is lightweight, and one person can carry it easily.

Now, in terms of power, it has a max water flow rate of 120 L/H and also has a pressure of 22 bar. Also, the battery takes a total charging time of 1 hr for fully charged. While using a Worx pressure washer, it’s not ideal for cleaning medium to the hard surface, but it can clean car, bikes, bicycle easily. 


  • Takes Water From Any Source Like Pond, Bucket, River, Etc.
  • 10x More Pressure Than Standard Garden Hose
  • Lightweight Can Be Taken Anywhere
  • Comes With Rechargeable Battery That Charges In 1 Hour


  • You Cannot Compare With Electric Pressure Washer Regarding Pressure.
  • Not Good For Cleaning Hard Surfaces
Final Verdict
Let’s be clear if you choose between a standard garden hose & a portable pressure washer, then Worx should be the answer. But if you have a low budget, we would recommend you going with a standard garden hose due to the price.

6). Electric Pressure Washer From Stream

best electric pressure washer under 200

The pressure washer from the stream gives a powerful cleaning experience with lots of cleaning accessories. Its 1650-watt electric motor produces an impressive cleaning power of 135 bar with a water flow rate of 420 L/H gives faster and deeper cleaning action.

With all in 1 adjustable nozzle, you can adjust the pressure by pushing or rotating the nozzle, reducing cleaning time.  When the motor gets heated, it will be automatically switched off, protecting the motor from getting damaged—the built-in detergent tank filled with your desired detergent giving enormous cleaning to the targeted surface.

The inbuilt filter removes any debris from entering and protecting the washer from getting damaged. With convenient wheels, you can move the pressure washer anywhere you want to clean it by dragging it easily.


  • Powerful Motor Of 1650 W Delivers The Pressure Of 135 Bar
  • IPX5 Waterproofing System, CE, SGS, ROHS Approved.
  • On-Board Hose Reel
  • TSS System & Safety Lock Prevents Misuse By Children


  • Built Quality Is Average
Final Verdict
If you want a pressure washer that can be used for day to day cleaning and comes with lots of cleaning accessories, then a Stream pressure washer is your ideal choice.

7). Ryobi RPW150XRB Corded Pressure Washer

ryobi pressure washer under 200

If you are looking for soft to medium cleaning, the Ryobi pressure washer will efficiently do its job. It has a hose length of 8m which will help you reach the area’s corner to clean the dirt effectively. This machine comes up with a 1L detergent bottle that is mounted on the wand.

The pressure washer also comes with surface cleaner, brush, vario lance, turbo lance, etc. You can transport the machine with the help of wheels or a handle. Ryobi weighs 12.2 kg, which makes the pressure washer unit more stable while doing the cleaning task.

Ryobi comes with the power of a 2200w motor that delivers the power of 150 bar pressure and a water flow rate of 420 L/H that cleans the surface very quickly.


  • Delivers The Pressure Of 150 Bar & Water Flow Rate Of 420 L/H
  • 8m Long Hose Covers The More Area For Cleaning
  • The On-Demand 1L Detergent Tank Is Accessible From Wand
  • The Surface Cleaner Is An Added Bonus Who Are Looking To Clean Patio


  • Surface Cleaner Is Little Bit Smaller
Final Verdict
Ryobi 150XRB is ideal for those looking to clean the soft surface to hard surfaces easily with a powerful pressure wash. Remember you have to do some assembly to make it ready to use for cleaning purpose.

8). High-Pressure Washer From Wilks-USA RX545

Wilks Usa

Having a high-pressure washer under £200 is hard to find. But a cleaning machine from wilks RX545 will deliver the high pressure at a budget-friendly price. This cleaning machine comes with a 24-month warranty with excellent customer support.

It is easy to move wheels with a telescopic handle adjusted according to user height in portability. The onboard storage system allows you to store all your cleaning accessories in one place that is helpful for cleaning project. 

Perfect for cleaning cars, paving, decks, patios, with a pressure of 210 Bar(MAX)/3050 PSI and continuous pressure of 138 bar/2000 PSI. The wilks have a water flow rate of 480 L/H, which is ideal for cleaning outside objects easily.

The length of the hose is 18m & 5m power cord that will cover the bigger area without making you move so much. You will also get premium accessories like a gutter lance, rotary brush, patio cleaner, 1.2L detergent bottle, and five nozzles for different pressure setting.


  • Powerful Induction Motor Of 2400 W
  • Premium Accessories Makes Your Cleaning More Easier
  • Weighs Only 11 Kg
  • Telescopic Handle & Wheels Are Best For Carrying Anywhere You Like
  • Max Pressure Of 210 Bar & Continuous Pressure Of 138 Bar
  • Water Flow Rate Of 480 L/H


  • Some User Claims For False Advertisement Regarding Bar Pressure
  • Expensive
Final Verdict
Ideal for day to day cleaning with all the premium accessories included. In one department where Wilks lacks is its build quality.

Factors To Consider While Selecting Best Pressure Washer Under £200

factor to consider for pressure washer under 200

Type Of Motor

The motor plays an important role in deciding how much power the particular pressure washer has. If it has more power, it will deliver more water flow rate and more Bar Pressure. If it has more power, it will consume more electricity power; hence, it might increase your electricity bill.

Hose Lenght

Since we have listed all the electric pressure washer that is already attached to their power cords, you’ll sometimes feel hose length is not enough to clean more area. Generally, many pressure hoses come with 8-10m long that most probably cover a large area, and also some manufacture also provides hose extension. If you attach a hose extension from your pressure hose, then it will have less pressure.


Many units come with a robust wheel and a handle that can be easily adjusted according to height. The wheel helps to move the unit around your lawn or on the surface easily. 


If you are looking for the best pressure washer under £200, then above listed machine will do its work efficiently. Also, these units are ideal for use for a home purpose like cleaning the car, bikes, patios, decking, etc., not for some industrial or heavy usage.

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