Best Pressure Washer Under £150

best pressure washer under £150

Many people think investing in expensive unit give more precise cleaning in comparison to the cheap machine. But these days, there are so many budget-friendly pressure washers available in the market that are powerful and reliable. 

You cannot expect too much powerful cleaning from these machines as they have some limitations regarding their usage capacity. But if you are looking to clean tough oil stain on the floor, then invest extra to get a petrol pressure washer. And if your main purpose is to use occasionally, these best pressure washer under £150 are perfect for cleaning.

Top Pressure Washer Under £150

1). K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer By Karcher

K2 pressure washer from karcher

The pressure washer from Karcher is ideal who are looking to clean their car, bikes, patio, fences quickly. It has a telescopic handle and wheels for easy manoeuvrability to carry or drag easily while cleaning the surface. An onboard storage system allows you to store all its accessories neatly in one place.

This unit comes with full control vario lance, dirt blaster, trigger gun, T150 patio cleaner, detergent bottle, etc. The full control vario lance has four pre-set setting makes cleaning effectively for any surface. This machine comes patio T150 cleaner clean decking/patio five times faster than a normal pressure gun.

Now in terms of power, it delivers a pressure of 110 bar with a water flow rate of 360 (L/H). The K2 covers an area of 20  m²/h and weighs around 4.5 kg when no accessories are attached. It comes with a 2-year standard warranty.

The hose connector is made up of plastic, and don’t expect powerful pressure cleaning from Karcher K2 as it’s mainly made for the light-duty task.

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  • Perfect for light-duty task
  • The Karcher K2 delivers the pressure of 110 Bar
  • It comes with patio cleaner T150 that cleans the surface quickly
  • 2-year standard warranty
  • The Karcher official Application gives valuable tips to its users


  • The hose connector is made up of plastic
  • You cannot run this unit for too long
  • The hose length should have been a little longer
Final Verdict
The Karcher K2 is ideal for light-duty tasks which are used on a medium surface. Remember, everything is made up of plastic, even the hose connector.

2). Silverline 165 Bar Pressure Washer

silverline washer

If you are looking for a cleaning machine that delivers a great amount of pressure at a budget-friendly price, check out the Silverline pressure washer. This machine delivers the water flow rate of 425 (L/H) with an air-cooled powerful motor with longer working life.

The Silverline machine is ideal for cleaning hard stains on furniture, patios, removing moss, algae, and lower the slippery surface. For easy manoeuvrability on the surface, it comes with a telescopic handle and plastic wheels. It comes with a 3-year standard warranty. 

With this pressure washer unit, you will get a 1ltr detergent dispenser, 5m hose, 5m power cable, hose reel, etc. If you are looking to clean a larger area, a shorter hose length will make you drag the unit more. The built quality is excellent and has an auto start/stop feature.

Remember it has a weight of 20 kg that’s too much compared to other pressure washers available in this price range. So, moving around for some people might not be an easy task.


  • Air-cooled powerful Motor
  • Delivers the high pressure of 165 Bar & 432 L/h flow rate
  • Build quality is excellent
  • Comes with 3 year standard warranty


  • Heavy in weight
  • Hose quality is average
Final Verdict
If you want a machine that runs for a longer period of time and delivers a higher pressure of 165 bar, Silverline is ideal for your cleaning tasks.

3). Electric Pressure Washer By Stream

best electric pressure washer under £150

Setting up with pride, this pressure washer machine under £150 is the perfect choice for those looking for a powerful cleaning option. This powerful 1650W powerful machine delivers a 135 pressure bar with a water flow rate of 7 L/H.

The turbo nozzle cleans the surface deeper and quickly with the help of a wide spray pattern. With all in one adjustable nozzle, you can set the pressure according to your cleaning surface. This unit is certified by CE, SGS, ROHS and also has an IPX5 waterproofing system.

The stream pressure washer has a hose reel of 32ft that will allow you to reach the corners of the floor for cleaning. Also, this reel protects the high-pressure hose from any kinks and makes your task easy from unwinding and winding while using it for cleaning purpose.

Also, the motor automatically switches off when it’s overheating from continuous use with the help of a thermal motor protector. According to some user, the built quality is not up to the mark and also, when this unit will arrive, you have to assemble the pressure washer, which can be tricky for some people.


  • Lots of accessories are provided that makes your cleaning task more easier
  • You can change the nozzle pressure by rotating or pushing it while in use
  • With the help of buil-in thermal protector the motor shuts when it overheat
  • 10 meter hose length is best for those who likes to cover the area more without moving the pressure washer


  • The pressure is not powerful enough
  • Build quality is average

Final Verdict
Don’t want to drag the pressure washer while cleaning any surface, then this pressure washer from Stream can solve your problem. Also, this unit can suck the water from a bucket full of water.

4). Nilfisk Core 130 Bar High-Pressure Washer

nilfisk washer c130

From performance to lighter in weight, the pressure washer from nilfisk 1500w is powerful enough to quickly clean dirt, mildew, and dirty surfaces. If you are looking to clean bicycle, car, garden furniture, decks, patio, then Nilfisk Core can be the best option in this price range.

The built-in wheels and long handle allows the user easy to drag or move while in use. To store all your accessories, the onboard storage system store all your cleaning accessories in one place. Also, the internal pocket allows the user to store a 6m hose inside the compartment.

The pump is made up of long-life metal capable of cleaning rough to a sensitive area with the help of a 1500w powerful motor. This pressure washer has the capacity to clean and cover the area of 35 m2/hour with a precise max pressure of 130 bar and has a normal pressure of 95 bars.

It has a water flow rate of 462 L/H in maximum pressure speed and weighs 6.6 kg, which is easy to carry anywhere for cleaning. The manufacture has provided two types of nozzle for different cleaning, and these are rough pressure nozzle and gentle pressure nozzle. 


  • 10m long hose reel is long enough to cover more area without dragging the pressure washer while cleaning the surface
  • Delivers the maximum pressure power of 130 bar and continous pressure of 90 Bar
  • Light to carry and store due to its compact size.
  • It makes cleaning more effective and quickly


  • In this price range, no accessories are provided
  • It makes more noise when running on hight pressure
Final Verdict
Nilfisk delivers the cleans the surface more effectively due to its high pressure. If you are looking for a compact and lightweight pressure washer that comes with fewer accessories but at a budget-friendly price, then this unit is for you.

5). Black+Decker BXPW2000PE Pressure Washer

Black & Decker pressure washer machine

The pressure washer from black & decker is the perfect choice for those who want a powerful cleaning machine at a low price. This unit comes with premium accessories that will help clean benches, gates, furniture, steps and patios, etc. 

With the help of an ergonomic handle and plastic wheels, it will be easier to carry from one place to another or move while doing any cleaning project. To use this unit, you need to set it up before making it ready to use. This unit delivers the power of 140 bar and a water flow rate of 440 L/H in terms of power.

All the accessories can be hooked at the back of the black & decker. The patio cleaner has a built-in detergent tank that gives more precise cleaning without splitting the water on the face.

The handle is fixed and cannot be adjusted. Also, it does not require any auto on/off feature to shut off the motor when not in use. There is an on/off switch that will power up the unit. Comes with a 2-year warranty and excellent customer support.


  • It comes with a lot of premium cleaning accessories that will make your task easier.
  • The inbuilt filter traps all the dirt and gives a powerful cleaning experience.
  • Patio cleaner has an in-built detergent tank.
  • A high length hose of 8m gives more cleaning and less moving.


  • No auto on/off feature.
  • You cannot adjust the handle of the pressure washer.
Final Verdict
If you want a pressure washer that comes with all the premium accessories like rotary jet wash nozzle, patio cleaner, adjustable jet nozzle, detergent tank at a budget-friendly price, then Black & Decker will be a perfect choice.

6). Ryobi Pressure Washer

ryobi pressure washer

If you want power at a budget-friendly price that comes with a handful of useful accessories in cleaning surface efficiently, check out the Ryobi pressure washer. This unit has a powerful motor of 1800w that provides a pressure of 120 bar (maximum) and a water flow rate of 380 L/H.

The onboard storage stores all the cleaning accessories in one place, and the handle allows you to drag or push the machine while cleaning. You will get the 5m hose, vario lance, gun, and 5m electric code. The assembly is pretty straightforward, and it will not take so much time in setting up the machine.

You will get two manufacture warranty and it has a compact design that can be store anywhere inside the garage or under the shed. Remember this unit only has a 5m long hose so if you are looking to clean the bigger area then you might go with a hose extender to increase the hose length.


  • Perfect for cleaning the car, bikes, medium surface, etc
  • Powerful pressure in cheap price
  • Hosepipe is made up of steel which is durable and last longer.


  • The handle should have been telescopic
Final Verdict
The Ryobi pressure washer is leading in the market due to its reliability and powerful pressure machine at a budget-friendly price. This unit will be fun and easy to use while cleaning your objects.

Things To Consider For Best Pressure Washer Under £150

pressure washer under 150

Water Flow Rate

When you are looking for any pressure washer model, always check how much water flow rate it gives when looking for a machine. The water flow rate is calculated according to litres per hour or litres per minute. If the water flow rate is larger, it will clean the object quickly.

Bar Pressure

The bar pressure decides how powerful the pressure washer will be to clean soft to a hard surface. If the bar pressure has more than 150 pressure, it is powerful enough to clean patios, stone, bricks, etc. Below 130 bar pressure is ideal for cleaning car, bikes, garden furniture, etc.

Price Range

You will get a decent pressure washer under the price range of £150 that can be used in day-to-day life. Ensure you don’t use it for a longer hour as the motor might overheat for continuous use.

Still if you are looking for more lower end then you can go with pressure washer under £100 mark. 


The most important factor while purchasing the pressure washer is to check the warranty. Many manufactures provide different types of warranties on different units. Always read it carefully to ensure whether the warranty is covered on the engine and pump or the whole body.


Most of the pressure washer comes with premium accessories that help in a different cleaning project. If you go with a unit that doesn’t come with accessories, then compare the cost to buy it separately. 


Choosing the best pressure washer under £150 can be a tiring task. But we hope the above guide helps you select the right machine for your cleaning purpose.

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