Best Pressure Washer Under £100 – Top In UK 2021

Looking for a pressure washer to clean the dirt of concrete floor, patios, bike, cars, other outdoor cleaning activity, and you are on a tight budget then check out the best pressure washer under £100. These pressure washers are a better option in comparison to a garden hose.

best pressure washer under 100

Selecting the right pressure washer requires lots of research and time before buying the right cleaning tool for cleaning activity. But we have done all the research for you and spend lots of hours coming up with a top pressure washer under £100.

Best Pressure Washer Under 100£ UK

When it comes to cleaning cars, bicycles, concrete, etc., you don’t have to invest a fortune in a pressure washer. Any pressure washer under £100 will do the cleaning quickly.

1). Bosch High-Pressure Washer EasyAquatak

best pressure washer under £100

If you are looking for a lightweight pressure washer that can be carried anywhere easily with the help of one hand, then check out the Bosch high-pressure washer. Bosch pressure washer is idle for cleaning cars, floors, windows, etc. and comes with a 2-year warranty giving you peace of mind.

The pressure washer comes with a 1500w powerful motor that generates 120 bar pressure with 350 litres of water/Hour that gives powerful cleaning around your house. You will get a Foam nozzle, canister, rotary nozzle, fan jet nozzle, 5 m High-Pressure Hose, high-pressure gun, wash brush, etc.

This unit is ready to use a pressure washer as soon as it arrives at your doorstep; only minimal assembly is required to use the unit. The gun of the pressure washer has an auto start-stop button situated at the side of the gun. It does not have any wheels at the bottom; you have to carry by lifting the unit. But it weighs only 4kgs which is not as heavy as other pressure washers are.


  • Can Be Carried By One Hand 
  • Comes With So Many Accessories Which Is Helpful For Cleaning
  • 120 Bar Pressure With 1500 Watt Motor
  • Best For Domestic Use Like Cleaning Cars, Patio, Windows, Etc
  • The Water Filter Tank Eliminate Any Collection Of Debris


  • No Wheel At Bottom
  • Makes Little Bit Noise When Operating

Final Verdict
Bosch pressure washer is handy and lightweight to carry anywhere you like. Best for cleaning cars, floor, and outdoor cleaning activity. Remember, this is used only for domestic purpose. You will get 5m long wire and 5m long hose length which is enough for daily cleaning.

2). Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer

karcher pressure washer

The Karcher K2 pressure washer is one of the best pressure washers under £100 comes with lots of features and accessories that deliver the best flow rate and takes less space to store. So, if you are looking for a pressure washer, which can easily clean almost all your cleaning tasks inside and outside of your house, Karcher k2 is the best option for you.

The full control means you have pressure control over the lances with 4 powerful settings that give different cleaning options. You will get 4 settings of a mix, soft, medium, and hard. The first setting will mix the detergent using a suction tube; the soft setting allows you to clean wood floor, a medium will allow you to clean car, bikes, and hard setting gives you cleaning of a concrete road or stubborn dirt on hard surfaces.

You will get many accessories with this Karcher pressure washer that will ease your cleaning process. These are lance with 4 Predefined settings, Dirt Blaster, high-pressure trigger gun, pressure hose, etc. Let’s discuss these accessories one by one.

The Dirt blaster gives 50% more cleaning on the floor, cleaning walls, garden furniture, in comparison to other pressure washers. The 4-meter long high-pressure hose is long enough to clean your dirty object efficiently and produce a pressure of 110 bar.

You can store all the accessories with an onboard storage system where you can put all your lances, gun, wire, etc. The machine’s back has a water filter and detergent tank that can be filled with patio detergent or car shampoo. It comes with a 2-year warranty; this pressure washer will do almost all cleaning quickly.


  • Air Cooled Power Pump @ 1400W
  • Comes With On-Board Accessories Storage System
  • Built-In Filter protects pump
  • 4 Pressure Setting Helps The User To Use According To Need
  • Wheels On Bottom & Ergonomic Handle Makes Easy To Move


  • Not Best For Commercial Use
  • Gun Hose Should Be Little Bit Long
Final Verdict
Karcher K2 is lightweight has a wheel and handle that makes it easy to carry anywhere easily. The 4 setting lance feature will be handy while using the pressure washer according to what you will clean.

3). Wilks-USA RX510 Compact Pressure Washer

top pressure washer under £100

The Wilks RX510 is compact pressure washer best for cleaning dirt and grease out from every corner. It weighs around 8.2 kg which is a little bit heavy but comes with a wheel and handles that makes it easy to move.

It comes with a powerful motor of 1800w, which gives 135 Bar Pressure at max and 90 bar pressure at a normal level marketed as the most powerful pressure washer under the price of 100. It has a flow rate of 450 Litres per Hour and 450 ml of a detergent bottle. The length of the hose and power cable is 5m both which is enough for daily cleaning.

You will find an auto on/off motor which will only flow the water when you will need and also, there is a built-in filter that keeps the dirt away, keeping the pump clean. You can assemble this unit in 15 minutes simply by click and connect instruments.


  • Max Pressure Bar Of 135 That Is Enough For Cleaning Hard Surface
  • All Set Of Cleaning Tools Are Provided
  • Powerful Motor Of 1800W With 450litre Per Hour Water Flow Rate
  • 5 Meter Hose & 5 Meter Power Cable
  • On-Board Storage Accessories
  • 24 Month Warranty


  • Bit Heavy In Compare To Other Models
Final Verdict
Wilks-USA RX510 is the best choice if you are looking to wash your medium size vehicles and patios. This pressure washer will surely give you lots of power in terms of cleaning.

4). Compact Pressure Washer Nilfisk C

best electric washer

If you are looking to clean hard surfaces that cannot be cleaned easily, we suggest you go with a Nilfisk C pressure washer. This unit comes with 2 washer nozzle that is used for different cleaning purpose. One nozzle is a tornado used to clean car, bikes, and the second one power speed, which is used to clean hard surfaces like a patio, flat surfaces, tile, stone, etc.

Other accessories come with Nilfisk is a power hose that is 5m long and a detergent bottle best for the suction tube. The auto start/stop cut of the power saves the water and protects the motor from overheating. You will get a flow capacity of 440 l/h, and a bar pressure of 110 covers large areas quickly with the help of a 5m long electric wire.

Nilfisk comes with a 1400w aluminium pump instead of a plastic pump that generates good power with excellent performance. And water inlet is protected with a pre-fitted filter to protect from any dirt. It includes a wheel and handles for easy carry from one place to another.


  • Comes With Two Cleaning Nozzle
  • 5m Hose & 5m Length Wire Cover Wide Area
  • With Nilfisk Swivel Coupling System, It Allows You To Connect/Disconnect Hose Quickly
  • Pump Is Made Up With Aluminium
  • Auto Start/Stop Cuts The Motor & Saves Water


  • External Material Is Made Up Of Plastic
Final Verdict
Nilfisk C is a powerful pressure washer that can give some serious cleaning in a budget-friendly price. But you have to assemble the product, which can be done in less than 5 minutes with a handy manual guide.

5). Ryobi RPW110B Pressure Washer

pressure washers under 100£ This entry-level unit from Ryobi will do a good amount of cleaning to your car, bicycle, garden furniture, etc. Comes with various accessories like turbo lance, trigger gun, jet foam, 5m hose, an external detergent bottle, etc. You store all the accessories like 5m hose, wire, and lance with an onboard storage system makes it easy for you to store properly.

With 1500w power, the motor gives you a pressure wash of 110 bar and a maximum flow capacity of 360 L/h. Ryobi pressure washer is made up of a compact design that will occupy less space and easily stored inside the garage or basement. It has a handle and weighs only 5.1 kg which is lighter in comparison to its competitors.

It does not have a wheel for easy to carry for older people. Also, you might not get excellent cleaning on a hard surface like paths, concrete, stone, etc. You will find two more product under the price range of under £100 that comes with a more powerful motor and more pressure bar.


  • Good For Cleaning Cars, bikes, Bicycle
  • Weights Only 5 kg
  • On-Board Storage For Trigger Gun, Hose, Electric Wire
  • 1500W Powerful Motor Gives 110 Pressure Bar
  • Max Flow Of 360 L/H


  • Plastic Build
  • No Wheel For Easy Carry Around
Final Verdict
If you are looking to clean car, bikes, and bicycle, then we would recommend you to go with a Ryobi pressure washer. Remember, it may not clean hard surfaces like patios and paths.

6). Makita 240v HW101

budget-friendly pressure washers

If you are looking to clean a light object that does not require more pressure and does not require any changing of a nozzle, check out the Makita pressure washer. This comes with a 3m soft hose, adjustable spray nozzle, hose connector, and detergent bottle to ease your cleaning. You cannot change the nozzle as it’s been fixed by the manufacture.

It comes with a powerful motor of 1300 watts universal motor it gives a maximum water flow rate of 360 L/H with a pressure of 100 bar. The pump is made up of an aluminium head that gives an increase in lifespan for usage. Its small size will occupy minimal space and require less maintenance cost to operate. The best part about this pressure washer is they are highly portable and easy to carry anywhere due to their lightweight.

The only downside we have noticed while using Makita is that the hose’s length is a little bit small compared to its competitors. Rest assured, it is the best pressure washer under £100.


  • It Has Adjustable Nozzle
  • Aluminium Pump Head For Increased Life Span
  • Lightweight & Easy To Carry With Handle
  • 1300W Universal Motor
  • Flexible Detergent Bottle


  • Hose Size Is Smaller than 3m
  • No Wheels
Final Verdict
Makita HW101 is a powerful pressure washer that is best for domestic use for cleaning of cars, bikes, bicycle, etc. Comes with fewer accessories in compare to other competitor but does its job what it comes to cleaning.

7) High Performance & Powerful Pressure Washer From ProKleen

Prokleen pressure washer delivers high-performance cleaning towards the toughest job that requires powerful pressure to clean quickly. This unit is ideal for cleaning car, fences, patios, furniture, walls, with its included premium accessories.


What Should You Look When Selecting Right Pressure Washer Under £100?

Below we have mentioned some points that you should consider when selecting the right pressure washer for your day-to-day tasks.

Remember there are two types of pressure washer available in the market, and these are petrol pressure washer and the other one is an electric pressure washer. All the above product we have reviewed are electric pressure washer as it requires minimal maintenance compared to the petrol washer.


Efficiency decides the power of a motor pressure washer has. For small cleaning, you can go with the power pump of 1300W to 1800W, which are best for cleaning patio, garden furniture, cars, or small cleaning area, etc. 

Flow Rate

Flow rate determines how much amount of water will flow out in a minute or an hour. If it has a high flow rate, it will cover more area and do its cleaning job at a quality level.


The more power a pressure washer will have more cleaning it will do. Power is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch), so the more PSI it will have, the more power the pressure washer will be. A PSI of 1100w to 1500w is enough to clean the home and garden equipment for a home.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly price that can do all the medium type of cleaning, we recommend you going with a Kärcher K2 pressure washer. This pressure washer will do all the cleaning and will fit your budget.


When it comes to pressure washer under £100, many high-pressure hoses come with a length of 4m long that are ideal for cleaning day to day home instruments.

Pressure Washer Under £100 FAQs

Q: Can I Rely On Pressure Washer Under £100?

Yes. In fact, they will last longer if you do proper maintenance and care.

Q: Is there any benefit of having a pressure washer?

These washers will help you remove dirt, mould, mildew from your car, patio, and hard surface, which cannot be clean from the normal water flow.


If you are looking for small and pressure washing for your house, then you will find an above-listed product under £100 will be best for your deck and patio. So a budget pressure washer will do all the clean task for your small garden and house.


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