Best Pressure Washer For Patio: Top Cleaner In UK

After the long winter, your patio may need some cleaning from moss, grime, dirt, etc. If any one of the following has started to build up then it can be slippery and harmful to walk on the patio.

So, in order to give a proper cleaning, you will need the best pressure washer for patio to clean all the natural dirt and moss, thus eliminating the slippery surface. 

But sometimes, you might end up buying the wrong product due to a lack of research or knowledge.

To overcome this problem, we have done all the research for you and come up with the best pressure washer to use in day to day cleaning.

Best Pressure Washer For Patio UK 2022

There are hundreds of pressure washers available on the market, but to get the right unit for cleaning the patio, you have to do a lot of research and invest your time in it.

Many units come with different features and different cleaning abilities. Below we have listed down the best pressure washers for a patio that will give you an excellent experience for you regarding cleaning.

1). PAXCESS – Best Electric Patio Pressure Washer


Power 1800 Watt
Hose Length 8 meter
Pressure 135 Bar
Water Flow Rate 450L/H

If you are looking to clean multiple objects like a car, patio, or bike with the help of an electric pressure washer then Paxcess is perfect for the job.

Now with this device, you will get multiple accessories like a single pressure hose, spray gun, nozzle wire, detergent tank, low/high-pressure gun, etc.

Below the model, the manufacturer has provided the wheel to move around and has a tall fixed handle that will help to drag the unit with ease.

The power cord has a length of 36ft which comes with a GFCI plug system. Due to the lengthy cord, you can clean the area corners without moving the machine frequently. 

But if the power outlet is far then, you will need an extension to clean the patio, driveways, concrete road, etc.

For efficient cleaning and different pressure, the tip has an adjustable nozzle that can be twisted according to the cleaning job.

Now in terms of power, the Paxcess comes with an 1800-watt motor that generates pressure up to 140 Bar with a water flow rate of 1.76 gallons of water per minute.

Paxcess comes with an On-Board storage system to store the pressure gun, hose, wire, and detergent tank in a single place.


  • On-Board Hose Reel & On-Board Storage System
  • 1800W Powerful Motor With 140/2150PSI Bar Pressure
  • Safety Lock System Saves Energy & Gives Extra Pump Life
  • Comes With Wheel & Long Handle For Portability


  • Lack Of Manual Guide
  • Wire Length Is Not Long Enough
Final Verdict
While using PAXCESS Pressure Washer, we can easily clean the patio, car, furniture, etc. But While cleaning the patio, we need extra wire to do the job. Overall if you are tight on a budget, this unit will do its job what it claims.

2). Premium Pressure Washer By Kärcher K7

karcher pressure washer for patio


Power 2800 Wattage
Hose Length 10 feet
Pressure 20 bar (minimum) – 180 Bar (Maximum)
Water Flow Rate 550 l/h

Next, we have a premium machine from Karcher K7 which is one of the most powerful pressure washers available today in the market.

The interesting part about this machine is you can control all cleaning pressure right from the LCD panel situation on a trigger gun using the +/- symbols from the pressure gun. You can also control the water flow rate even if you are doing the cleaning of the deck.

For efficient cleaning, the Karcher K7 comes with 3-1 vario jet blaster lances which help to change the lances in between the cleaning areas.

The dirt blaster is capable of cleaning an accurate angle of 45% which is ideal for cleaning areas like patios.

Now in terms of power, it ranges from 20 (minimum) going up to 180 powerful bar cleaning all the dirt and grime built near the patio.

The telescopic handle lets you adjust the handle according to height and is also ideal for carrying the machine from one place to another.

Also, below the manufacturer has provided the 10″ wheels which is easy for you to drag the unit while doing the cleaning.

While testing the unit one disadvantage we feel about the Karcher K7 is its cord length is so small that we have to use a power extension in order to clean the corner of the deck.

Also, if you are using the pressure washer machine at a maximum of 180 bar pressure, the dirt will surely splash every place, including your eyes if you’re not using waterproof gears.


  • Comes With 1L Stone Detergent For Maximum Cleaning
  • On-Board Storage System Allows You To Store All The Accessories
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Telescopic Handle Allows You To Adjust According To Height
  • Control Of Pressure & Detergent Flow Using The +/- Symbols
  • T450 Allows You To Clean Patio 50% More In Compare To Standard Spray Lance
  • Thumb Control Spray Gun Allows To Control 3 Lance Setting


  • Little Bit Heavy In Size
  • Hose Length Is Only 10m
Final Verdict
Karcher K7 is the right now leading brand in a pressure washer, and when we tested this product with T450 Patio Cleaner, what we liked it don’t spray water on you whereas a standard spray gun will spray water on you. And in terms of cleaning it cleans the floor very quickly and efficiently.

3). Wilks-USA RX550i 

wilks pressure washer for patios

Wilks RX550i can remove any dirt from decking, patio, or concrete, with all the cleaning accessories included to give excellent cleaning. This product has 262 bar / 3800 PSI power and with an impressive flow rate of 510 Litres per Hour its best for daily cleaning tasks.

All the power comes from a metal pump with a copper motor that has the power of 3000watt. This motor is air-cooled and delivers maximum power when needed for cleaning hard surfaces. Wilks Rx550i comes with a turbo wand, detergent bottle, gutter lance, 8m hose, 5m cable, patio cleaner, etc.

An extra-long 18m hose reel attaches at the top of the pressure washer and an 8m extra extended hose that makes 26m total length. Also, this unit has a 5m cable that covers most of the area without moving too much. You will also get a click and connect option that requires less assembly when using the pressure washer for the first time.

The Wilks RX550i can be moved around easily with rubber wheels, and it can easily drag the unit around your house while cleaning. It has 5 different nozzles, which will give different cleaning sprays. Comes with a 24-month standard warranty.

While using Wilks RX550i, we found a continuous flow of pressure it gives a pressure of 155 bar that’s we thought misleading information the manufacture has provided. Rest we didn’t find anything negative about Wilks RX550i washer.


  • 5 Different Nozzle Gives Different Spray
  • Comes With Lots Of Cleaning Accessories
  • 26m Hose Will Cover Most Of The Area Of Your House
  • 24 Month Standard Warranty
  • Requires Less Assembly While Using It First Time


  • Misleading Instruction We get Continous Flow Of 155 Bar Instead of 265 Bar.
  • Heavy In Size 30kg
Final Verdict
Wilks RX550i is a powerful pressure washer available for cleaning patio in a budget-friendly price. This unit will make your cleaning task easier due to the 26m long hose that will cover your house area without moving too much. The on-Board attachment will make sure you keep all your attachment in one place.

4). Nilfisk C 120 bar Pressure Washer

top pressure washer patioThe pressure washer from Nilfisk C120 comes with a compact design with lots of cleaning accessories that make your patio cleaning experience more rewarding. It has a robust wheel for portability that helps in towing and pushing easily while using for cleaning.

It comes with a range of accessories like tornado nozzle, trigger gun, power speed nozzle, patio cleaner, high-pressure hose, detergent bottle, etc.  This pressure washer comes at a budget-friendly price that weighs only 8.2kg only. An onboard storage system stores a pressure gun, cord, and lances that helps store all your cleaning accessories in one place.

Nilfisk comes with a 1400-watt pump that gives power cleaning of 120 bar and a flow rate of 440 litres per hour to make sure all the natural dirt is removed from the patio. Auto start on/off sensor cuts the power of the pump and saves water. The click & clean connectivity makes it easier for you to add extra accessories provided by the manufacture.


  • Multiple Nozzle System Include Separate Nozzle Cleaner
  • 120 Bar Pressure With Flow Rate Of 550 L/H
  • On-Board Storage System Allows You To Store All Accessories At One Place
  • Quiet


  • Hose Length Is Only 6m
  • Handle Is Very Short
Final Verdict
If you are looking to clean the small patio area, Nilfisk C 120 is best in a budget-friendly price. While using this pressure washer on a larger area, we have to connect an external hose to cover a larger area. But an onboard storage system makes your accessories in one place.

5). Ryobi Corded Pressure Washer

corded pressure washer for patioRyobi RPW150XRB outperforms other competitors in terms of efficient cleaning when it comes to affordability, design, and versatility. Ryobi pressure washer comes with 4 cleaning wands like a surface cleaner, brush, vario lance, and turbo lance. These wands are easy to connect and can easily clean from soft surfaces to hard surface.

The powerful 2200w motor delivers a pressure of 150bar and a water flow rate of 420L/H of water. If you want to use detergent while cleaning furniture, patio, car, and blocks, a 1L detergent bottle will dispense the soap when you need it.

Also, there is a hose reel that helps to wind and unwinding 8m hose. This pressure washer comes with a wheel that helps drag the machine while cleaning surfaces around your house.  While using this unit, we didn’t like the length of the wire, and the hose is only 6m long which might be not enough if you are cleaning a larger area.


  • Weight Only 12.2 Kgs
  • Powerful Motor At 2200W At Pressure Bar Of 150
  • Water Flow Rate 420L/H
  • 1L Detergent Tank Easily Accessible From Wand
  • Quick Connect Attachment Are Included Like Vario Lance, Turbo Lance, Brush, Surface Cleaner


  • Length Of Wire & Hose Is Small
Final Verdict
If you are looking for good value for money machine, then go with Ryobi RPW150 pressure washer. With four wand cleaning accessories, it will make your cleaning process simpler and easier.

6). Bosch Universal Aquatak 125 

Bosch pressure washer

The cleaning power machine by Bosch UniversalAquatak is best for cleaning hard surfaces like a patio, concrete road, garden furniture, etc. So if you are looking for a pressure washer machine under £200, this pressure washer will not disappoint you. 

Bosch Universal has been designed so that it will produce less noise while in operation compared to its competitors. The 3-1 nozzle can be adjusted between the cleaning of different jets, which are fan jet, point jet, rotary jet, etc. This pressure washer does not require any assembly; take it out from the box and ready to use.

In terms of power, it has a 1500w motor with a water flow rate of 360 L/H with 125 bar pressure that clean. While using this unit, the length of the hose is only 5m, and it lacks many accessories, but it’s understandable due to its price point. 

Due to its compact design and onboard storage, it will take less storage space and fit anywhere inside the garage, house, or under the shed.


  • Low Noise Level
  • Self Priming Pump That Automatically Draws Pump
  • 3-1 Versatile Nozzle
  • Compact Design Easily Stored Anywhere You Like


  • Short Hose Length
  • Comes With Limited Accessories
Final Verdict
Bosch UniversalAquatak 125 is ready to use straight out from the box. So if you are looking for a low weight pressure washer with limited accessories, this pressure washer is the best deal.

Buyer’s Guide Selecting Right Pressure Washers For Patio

Selecting the right pressure washer for your patio can become an easier task if you consider the below points. There are two types of pressure washer available today; these are petrol pressure washer and electric pressure washer.

Petrol Pressure Washer

Petrol pressure washer is mainly used for industrial purpose like cleaning buildings, parking lot, large patio area, driveways, etc. This type of cleaning machine is mainly powerful in terms of pressure, usage of water, high power motor, etc. These are best if the dirt is hard to remove on the patio and requires power cleaning, then you should invest in a petrol pressure washer.

They can be easily carried from one place to another as they do not require any electricity only you have to pull the cord to start the engine. Remember, this unit comes with a higher price tag than an electric pressure washer for patios.

Electric Pressure Washer

An electric pressure washer is best for home cleaning outside the surface like patio, car, bricks, stone, concrete wall, etc. These machines require electricity to run and require very minimal maintenance. These pressure washers do not sound very loudly while in use, and also their weight is low that can be lifted by an old age person also easily.

You might require an extra electric cord if your house big enough to clean patios and driveways. They are not as powerful as a petrol pressure washer, but an electric pressure washer will definitely do its job efficiently for home use. 

Features To Look For Best Patio Pressure Washer

Water Flow Rate

If you are going to clean a hard surface that requires a lot of pressure, When you are looking for a powerful pressure washer for your patio that requires hard cleaning, you should opt for a higher water flow rate.

The higher the flow rate of water, the more powerful it will be to clean the patio, driveways, bricks, etc. A pressure washer ranging from 420L/H to 510L/H is an ideal cleaning machine.


Weight also plays an important role if a senior person or women are will also use the machine. Because if you are looking to clean a larger area, you have to push or pull the machine frequently. So, going with an 8 – 15kg washer machine will be an ideal choice.


Price also plays an important role when considering buying a pressure washer for cleaning soft to hard surfaces like furniture, car, patio, etc. If you use this machine only for home purposes, then a budget-friendly pressure washer will easily do its job. But if you are going to use it for commercial purposes, then going with premium models will be the best option for cleaning.

Final Words

We hope this complete guide will help you in selecting the best pressure washer for the patio. The above-listed pressure washer will not only help clean the patio, but they are best for eliminating stubborn dirt, grime, moss, etc. 

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