Best Pressure Washer For Block Paving

best pressure washer for block paving

You have a beautiful new block paving driveway installed and now you are wondering how to clean it with the best pressure washer for block paving. The powerful machines use water at an extremely high pressure to clean the surface of your block paving and remove any grime or dirt that has accumulated on it.

These days pressure cleaners are often used for other applications, such as de-greasing engines in car workshops or removing stubborn stains from concrete. For outdoor use, they will be perfect if you need to get rid of moss growing on brickwork or wash away algae from surfaces like concrete slabs and driveways.

Pressure washers can be electric or gas powered models depending on how much power you need to do the job successfully. The best pressure washer for cleaning block paving is a specialized tool that can clean any paving surface, from concrete and marble to brick and stone.

It is important to know the differences between various pressure washers because if you choose the wrong one, it can damage your precious surfaces. For example, gas-powered machines are much more powerful than electric ones, but they have a higher risk of damaging your property.

Best Pressure Washer For Block Paving

Many people think that the best pressure washer for cleaning block paving is a gas-powered unit, but this isn’t necessarily true. A lot of homeowners choose electric washers because they are cheaper to buy and maintain.

Electric pressure washers can be good for most jobs, too. It is just a matter of choosing the right one. So what should you look for in an electric power washer lets find out by reviewing different pressure washers?

1). Full Control Pressure Washer By Karcher K4

k4 pressure washer

The pressure washer from Karcher model K4 is ideal for high-pressure with multiple cleaning accessories and an onboard storage system. This cleaner has a telescopic handle with plastic wheels that helps to pull while doing cleaning projects.

It comes with multiple accessories like vario lance, dirt blaster, pressure gun, detergent bottle, etc. The best feature about K4 is the pressure gun, which has an LED display to control all the different pressure for your job. 

The Karcher K4 delivers a powerful pressure of 130bar and a water flow rate of 420 L/H. Also, you will get the hose length of 6m and the electric cord length of 5m. With Karcher K4, you will get 2 years warranty and excellent customer support.


  • Minimum assembly is required to use the pressure washer.
  • The two lances Vario & Dirt Blaster will help change the pressure according to your cleaning object.
  • While testing this Karcher K4 cleaning machine, the build quality is made for top performance.
  • The lower base keeps the machine stable, giving you more time on cleaning.


  • Fewer accessories are provided in comparison to its other model.
Final Verdict
This Karcher K4 is ideal for those who don’t want to compromise the quality and performance of the electric pressure washer.

2). High Power Pressure Washer By Wilks-USA RX550i

wilks for paving

If you are looking for a cleaning machine that clears the block paving and can clean multiple surfaces like cars, fences, wood, bikes, then check out the Wilks pressure washer. This unit comes with multiple cleaning accessories like turbo wand, varying nozzle, gutter lance, rotary brush, and many more.

The wilks comes with a powerful air-cooled electric motor with 3000W and the highest quality copper and metal used. A constant induction motor delivers the power of 155 bar of continuous pressure and gives maximum pressure of 262 bar. The water flow at the rate of 510 L/H is enough to clean the surface quickly.

In terms of features, the onboard storage system and surface cleaner make it easier for you to clean the area without splitting the water directly on your skin or eyes. You have a large area to clean, no problem, the 8-meter hose with extra-long 18-meter hose covers most of the area without moving too much.


  • Auto Shut off stops the motor when there is no need.
  • An extra-long 18-meter hose helps to reach every corner of the cleaning area.
  • The inbuilt filters keep the dirt out and make the pump clean that gives more smoothing operation.
  • It comes with multiple accessories to make your cleaning experience easier.


  • Expensive
  • When joining the hose connector, the pressure becomes a little low.
Final Verdict
If you are looking for a machine that does all your home cleaning tasks easily and quickly with a more powerful pressure, then Wilks USA Rx550i is perfect for you.

3). Bosch Aquatak High-Pressure Washer 

best cleaning machine for driveways

The next pressure washer for cleaning block paving is from bosch aquatak comes with a powerful motor of 2100w with a pressure of 140 bar. The self-priming pump automatically takes the water from any tank or container, giving quick cleaning.

The main accessories for cleaning purposes are rotary jet nozzle, adjustable flat nozzle, high-pressure foam gun, detergent bottle, etc. Like other machines, it also has an auto cut off system that turns off the pressure with the help of a pressure sense automatic cut-off.

After testing this machine, you can change the pressure while cleaning the blocks by rotating the gun nozzle. Also, if you open the nozzle fully, don’t spray directly on the soft or medium surface as it will damage the area. Rest the accessories that come with this price point is very low. You will get a 2-year warranty on the Bosch pressure washer machine.


  • The powerful 140 bar pressure and 450 L/H clean the concrete area efficiently.
  • You can lock the trigger of the gun for safety purposes.
  • The water filter keeps the dirt out for smooth cleaning operation.


  • The whole machine is made up of plastic.
  • Also, the portability is average in comparison to Bosch other models.
Final Verdict
The Bosch pressure washer gives powerful cleaning due to its 140 pressure bar. Also, the high pressure detergent nozzle helps to remove stubborn dirt easily.

How to clean block paving?

Block paving is a popular type of pavement that can be found in many areas. It is often used as the main entrance or parking lot for homes and businesses. Block paving looks great, but it does require some cleaning to keep it looking its best. Above pressure washers discuss are best for cleaning the driveways, block paving, cars, etc.

Factors To Consider For Block Paving Pressure Washer?

There are many things to consider when choosing an electric pressure washer for block paving. You’ll need to think about power, hose length and material compatibility, and many other factors.

The longer the hose is on your unit, the easier it will be for doing different cleaning jobs around your house. If you have a long driveway that needs cleaning, go for a model with a hose length of at least 10m.

Now, let’s talk about the features and specifications of the pressure washer you should look at before going for a final decision.

Low Pressure & Vibration

The pressure washer you choose should be powerful and have low vibration because the electric cleaning machine vibrates a lot and might fall off while doing cleaning jobs.

Different Spray & Various Nozzle

A horizontal spray is best for getting the dirt off from block paving as the water will flow down into any dirt that may exist on the surface. Choose a machine with various nozzles so you can get different types of sprays depending on what needs to be cleaned.

With these features at hand, this ensures better performance from your device without damaging the block paving. A pressure washer is a professional grade machine and should not be used by anyone without experience in using machinery.

Cable Length

The length of the power cord is an important factor to consider while buying a pressure washer. It should be long enough for you to reach your desired location without having to relocate it constantly, and also not too short that restricts movement by not letting you move closer or further away from where you are.

This will help avoid pulling on the machine and wasting time when dragging it around, even with extension cords.


Price is one of the most important factors that need to be considered before making your purchase. For example, if you’re a beginner, it would not make sense for you to buy an expensive pressure washer without knowing what’s really needed to get better results or work with more convenience.

You may want to start by investing in cheaper models and upgrade as required once you know what works best for your requirements. 

Weight and Size

A pressure washer is a heavy-duty machine and will either require wheels to move it, or you’ll need to do the moving manually. The weight of the pressure washer should be considered before purchase and its size since they are important factors in how convenient and easy it would be for you to work with that particular model.

Especially if your tasks often involve working on more than one surface which needs cleaning at once, like decking boards, concrete etc.

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