Best Portable Pressure Washer – Top Pressure Washers In The UK

Gone are the days when we use an old garden hose to clean car, patio, driveways, bikes, etc.. that take a lot of time to clean a particular surface. But now we have the best portable pressure washer that cleans the surface efficiently and saves water and time.

Best Portable Pressure Washer UK

The portable pressure washer is convenient in use and can be taken anywhere wherever you go where cleaning is required on the go. Nowadays, there are lots of portable pressure washer available in the market. But selecting the right one requires lots of research and time. 

To save your time and research, we have done everything to help you select the best portable pressure washers to clean soft or hard surfaces. They are also known as cordless pressure washers, smaller in size and can be taken anywhere and take water from any remote source.

Best Portable Pressure Washers in the UK

1). WORX WG630E.1 18V Portable Pressure Washer

Best Portable Pressure Washers

If you are looking for a pressure washer that can be used anywhere and can do multiple cleaning tasks, then check out Worx WG630E portable pressure washer. This unit can easily clean from the soft surface to medium type surfaces like driveways, bikes, cycles, cars, etc.

Worx pressure washer does not require any electricity or petrol to operate it. Connect a standard garden hose from the tap, and the pressure gun will deliver the freshwater to clean the object. It draws water from any source, whether from the bucket, pond, bottle, etc. This unit runs with a Powerful 4.0Ah rechargeable battery that is charged within 45-50mins. The WORX WA3867 super-fast charger is provided.

The Worx WG630E gives maximum pressure of 24 bar and has a water flow rate of 200 L/H. In addition, the 5-in-1 pressure nozzle allows you different pressure for different cleaning jobs. Also, as an added accessory, the manufacturer has provided the WORX soda bottle adaptor to connect 1L plastic or soda bottle to draw water as a source. 


  • 1L Soda Bottle Connector
  • 24 Bar Pressure & 200 L/H Water Flow Rate
  • 5-in-1 Pressure Nozzle For Different Job
  • Lightweight, Compact, & Stored Anywhere
  • Takes Water From Any Source


  • Average Pressure In Compare To Other Pressure Washer
  • On Higher Rate
Final Verdict
WORX WG630E Pressure Washer is best for those looking to clean their objects while travelling or using it from any water source. This pressure washer is ideal for cleaning soft to medium type surface easily.

2). Kärcher 16800190 OC 3 Portable Cleaner 

top portable pressure washers in 2021

If you are travelling in a remote area from your bike or want to clean your bicycle, which requires less water to clean, check out the Karcher OC3 portable pressure washer. This unit has a compact design that takes less space to store. It has an onboard storage system where a hose and trigger gun can be store inside the unit under the water tank that is an ideal travel-friendly pressure washer.

The 4-litre water tank allows you to store water makes it easier for you to clean a bicycle or mountain bike without any requirement of bucket or additional water storage requirement. You will also find the water level indicator that ensures the tank is used at the optimum level. It also has an integrated handle that allows you to carry with the pressure washer easily.

It has a lithium-ion battery which can be charged when the battery runs out. The LED battery indicator alerts you when the battery is running low. There is a charging socket and an on/off switch right below the water tank.

When using Karcher OC3, we can give 25-minute cleaning at low pressure, which is ideal for cleaning bicycles, dogs, and bikes. However, you might need to refill the tank every time cleaning a bike or heavy mud on a soft surface.


  • Portable Can Be Easily Carried In Remote Area
  • Comes With Handle To Carry Easily Anywhere
  • Compact Size Can Be Store Inside The Car Or Any Small Place
  • 4 Litre Water Tank With Water Level Indicator
  • Lithium ION Rechargeable Battery


  • Low Pressure
  • No Accessories Is Provided
  • Bit Pricey
Final Verdict
Karcher OC3 is ideal for those looking to clean soft surfaces like bicycle, dog wash, bikes, etc. or where there is no electricity to operate. The 4L water tank is convenient when you are travelling in a remote area with this unit.

 3). Greenworks High-Pressure Cleaner GDC40K25

portable pressure washers

Simple and easy to manage, that’s what GreenWorks high-pressure washer comes up with 20 Litre water tank, 6m hose, water filter, 1 pressure gun, and fixed jet nozzle, etc. This machine is capable of cleaning the grill, car, bike, and garden furniture quickly.

Greenworks has a powerful motor of 650w with a pressure of 70 bar that will easily clean hard mud on soft to medium surfaces. It has a water flow rate of 300L/H with a 40 V rechargeable battery that will help run the cleaning machine for a long time.

The 20-litre tank allows you to clean harder surfaces easily with more powerful pressure. If you fill the water tank fully then, it will be heavy to lift the pressure washer from one place to another. There are two versions available: battery and charger, and the other one are without battery & charger.

We got our hands on Greenworks and tested on various surfaces like SUV and a bicycle. The portable pressure washer water took nearly 10 mins to clean the bicycle. And for cleaning the SUV, we have to refill the tank 4 times for complete wash. The machine battery lasts 30 minutes when fully charged, and it took 2 hours for the battery to charge 100% fully.


  • 20L Water Tank
  • 70 Bar Pressure & Water Flow Rate Of 300 L/H
  • Comes With 6m Hose, Water Filter, High-Pressure Cleaner
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • 100 Percent Carbon-Free And Reusable


  • Bit Heavy When Water Tank Is Full
  • No Charger & Battery In Lower Model
Final Verdict
If you are looking for a cleaning machine that is not only portable but can easily clean bikes, car, furniture, bicycle, with powerful pressure. This pressure washer does not require electricity or petrol to operate and can be easily carried anywhere due to its lightweight.

4). Yard Force 22Bar 20V (Best Portable Pressure Washers)

cordless pressure washers 2021

The pressure washer from the Yard force is powerful, compact, and easy to use from any water source. It has 3 in 1 adjustable jet nozzle for different cleaning like low pressure, jet, and turbo cleaning. You can use Yard force from any water source like a pond, bucket, water butt, pool, etc.

This pressure washer gives a water flow rate of 270 L/H with a maximum pressure of 22 Bar that is best for soft to medium objects with the two-speed setting. Also, there is an eco mode that is very useful when cleaning soft surfaces, saving battery and water.

In case of accessories, you will get a 20v 2.5 Samsung lithium ION battery with a charging level indicator, storage bag, bucket, foaming bottle, brush, etc. Connect the detergent bottle to the gun, and it will be easy for you to spray foam on the object before cleaning.


  • Water Flow Rate Of 270 L/H & Maximum Bar Pressure Of 70
  • Compact And Stored Anywhere
  • Versatile 3-in-1 Adjustable Jet Nozzle
  • Eco Mode Saves Lots Of Water & Power
  • Battery Level Indicator


  • Not Good For Cleaning Hard Surfaces
  • Average Battery
Final Verdict
This pressure washer can be used in any water source from the pond, pool, water butt to clean soft to medium surfaces. The battery will last for 30 mins and charge fully in 60 minutes. The best feature is the 3-in-1 adjustable nozzle pressure that will give different pressure according to what you are looking to clean the object.

5). Bicycle & Motorbike Portable Power Pressure Washers

portable power washer

If you are looking for a pressure washer that does not have any machine or motor and is ideal for cleaning a bicycle, bikes, cars, etc., then check out the Streetwize pressure washer. This cleaning machine comes with an 8L water tank, 2.5m hose, spray nozzle, brush, long lance, etc., that will make the cleaning experience easier to do.

This unit does not require any electricity or petrol to operate. You have to pump it up and pressurize it to use the pressure washer. So honestly, don’t expect to clean medium surface or hard surface from this unit. But If you are looking to clean patio, stone, garden furniture, and many more at a budget-friendly price, then check out the pressure washer under £100.

There is a water level written on the bottle, and also it delivers the pressure of 40PSI, which is good for cleaning a bicycle easily. It is less powerful than a standard pressure washer, but it can also be easily carried due to its lightweight.


  • Ideal For Cleaning Bicycle & Bikes
  • 8L Tank Is Enough To Clean Surfaces
  • No Electricity Is Required
  • Budget-Friendly Portable Pressure Washer
  • Lightweight Only 1.9 Kg


  • Basic Pressure Cleaner (Not Washer)
  • Not Enough Powerful To Clean Even Car
Final Verdict
If you want a lightweight washer that can carry easily anywhere while you travel and also easy to use without anything you have to reassemble every time, then a pressure washer from Streetwize will be the best option for you,

6). Turtle Wax TW110 Pressure Washer

Turtle Wax Pressure Washer

The portable pressure washer from turtle wax is best for cleaning bikes, car, van, etc. that is light in weight and comes with multiple cleaning accessories. You will get a power lance, 5m hose, quick connector gun, detergent bottle, spray nozzle, etc. Also, there is a detailed manual guide on how to connect and use this machine.

In terms of power, it can deliver the pressure of 110 bar with a water flow rate of 330 L/H and a 1400w motor that will require electricity to run this unit. It comes with a 24-month warranty, and the handle will also help carry from one place to another.

You have to assemble the product as soon as you take the Turtle wax out of the box. The best part is getting an onboard storage system that allows you to store all your accessories beneath the washer.


  • 24 Month Warranty
  • 110 Bar Pressure & 330 Water Flow Rater Will Clean Efficiently
  • Lightweight & Easy To Carry
  • Easy To Use With Detailed Manual Guide


  • Dont Expect To Clean High End Surface
Final Verdict
Turtle Wax pressure washer is small in size, with powerful cleaning at a low price. This unit will require electricity to run, and you will have to assemble the machine to use it.


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