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best industrial pressure washer

Industrial pressure washers are designed for heavy-duty cleaning and usually have a high-pressure spray. They can be used to clean driveways, walkways, patios, siding, sidewalks and more. If you’re wondering how to choose the right one, it’s important that you consider the size of your project as well as the type of surface being cleaned.

One thing is certain though: if you want the best industrial pressure washer that will last longer than a couple of years then you’ll need to invest in a quality model.

Many people rent a high-level pressure washer to save money, and they do not invest in these heavy cleaning machines.

But the fact is if you take a look at the industrial pressure washer, you will come to know investing once on these pressure washers will save a lot of money rather than renting for commercial use.

These commercial units will not limit you from cleaning for a long time and allow you to clean bigger objects easily with powerful water pressure. Getting the right pressure washer requires a lot of research and time. But to make it simpler for you, we have done all research and come up with the seven best pressure washers for industrial use.

Best Industrial Pressure Washer UK 2021

Industrial pressure washers are a popular tool for those looking to get rid of the toughest stains and dirt on their property. But there are so many different types of industrial pressure washers, how do you know which one is right for your needs? Let’s find out below with all the top heavy-duty pressure washers available in the market right now.

1). Wilks Genuine Petrol Pressure Washer 

best industrial pressure washer UK 2021

If you are looking for some serious cleaning like driveways, paving, home decking, cars, industrial usage, etc., you should check out the Genuine Petrol pressure washer.  With high power of 3950psi, this unit will easily give enough power for indoor and outdoor cleaning jobs.

This unit comes with a 30m long hose, gutter lance, self-propelled drain cleaner and built-in 6L Detergent Tank. It has a feature of 5 clicks & goes cleaning system with 5 different cleaning options. This pressure washer has wheels and a handle that makes it easy to push or carry for easy manoeuvrable.

Wilks pressure washer is made up of solid steel frames and heavy-duty, robust build wheels. Packed with 210cc four-stroke engine has a flow rate of 660 litres and 272 bar max pressure, which can do some serious cleaning. This pressure washer pump has a start/stop pump feature that saves water when you are not using the unit.


  • 210cc four-stroke engine
  • Total 30 Meter Hose
  • 660 Litres Of Flow Rate With 272 Bar Pressure
  • 5 Different Nozzel With Each Different Functions
  • 12 Month Warranty


  • Heavy In Size
  • Makes Noise
Final Verdict
Wilks pressure washer is for those who are looking for some serious cleaning of cars, boat, concrete roads, trucks, etc. If you are looking for cleaning a small area or object, I would not suggest you go with Wilks Pressure washer.

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2). Kärcher K7 Full Control Plus 

best industrial electric pressure washer

When it comes to cleaning, how can we forget the Karcher pressure washer? This unit comes with 3 different multi-jet incorporates lance system that makes cleaning fast. You can change the pressure setting with a different lance-like Vario, dirt cleaner, and detergent setting all in one, so you don’t have to change your pressure washer lance in between while cleaning different areas.

You can find the control on the new pressure trigger gun to control all the functions with the Intelligent LCD Full Control Plus panel. You will find an image of fence, car, and brickwork for heavy, medium, and soft work on an LCD.  

It has a flow rate of 550 l/h and pressure of 160 bar in terms of performance, making harder cleaning job easier. This unit can clean Patio’s, decking, facades, bikes, caravans, garage doors, etc., due to its powerful motor of 2800w. It comes with a standard 5-year warranty with easy to read manual guide.

While giving it a try, we tested cleaning a driveway that covered almost our industrial area and believed me, it clean really well. So we were impressed by the result Karcher K7 gave, and also, while using it, we control the pressure using the +/- symbols displayed on an LCD screen.


  • Comes 10m Hose
  • 180 Bar Pressure & 550 Flow Rate
  • Telescopic Handle & Wheel For Easy To Carry
  • Dirt Blaster Cleans Stubborn Dirt
  • LED Display On Pressure Gun


  • Need Lots Of Water
  • For Other Accessories, You have To Pay Extra
Final Verdict
If you are looking to clean a large amount of area, then you can definitely go with Karcher K7 that will do the job by cleaning hard surfaces easily. But remember, this pressure washer will require lots of water for cleaning a larger area.

3). Hyundai Petrol Power Pressure Washer (HYW3000P2)

best commercial pressure washer 2021

We all trust Hyundai as it’s the most trusted brand all around the world. If you are looking for a powerful jet washer with longevity, reliability, and more power than an electric one, check out the Hyundai pressure washer. It has a pull-start engine that does its job where there is no electricity available for cleaning.

In terms of cleaning, it has high torque 210cc 4-stroke low emission engine that can handle any most challenging cleaning job outside of your house quickly. This pressure washer comes with a stainless steel high piston pressure pump that generates a 2800psi/ 193 pressure bar with an 8.75L/min flow rate.

The detergent tank is neatly tucked into the frame of 3-litre that allows deep cleaning using TFR (Traffic Film Remover). Hyundai unit has four quick-release nozzles that can be changed quickly by changing the angle of an outer collar if you see more dirt that needs to be removed by doing the back of the connector on the lance.

It is easy to connect with the main water supply combined with a standard garden hose. This pressure washer has a 7.5m long hose that is a little bit short, and you might need an extension of the hose if you have decided to clean a wider area. It comes with a 3-year standard Hyundai warranty.


  • Makes Little Noise
  • Comes With 3 Litre Detergent Tank
  • Powerful Cleaning With Pressure Of 2800PSI OR 193 Pressure Bar
  • Low Engine Oil Cut Off Sensor When Engine Oil Is Low
  • Comes With 3 Year Warranty


  • Hose Lenght Should Be Longer In Compare To Other Pressure Washer
  • Heavy In Size
Final Verdict
Hyundai pressure washer value for money if you want to use pressure washer commercially. Also, it can do the toughest cleaning jobs around your commercial area easily. It comes with a 7.5m hose only, so you have to purchase a hose extension if you are looking to clean the wider area.

4). Petrol Pressure Washer By HONDA

top pressure washer for commercial use

This professional pressure washer from honda is best for industrial, commercial, and home usage. It is designed by a brand known as WASPPER, which is best for manufacturing gasoline-powered pressure washers in the European market. For easy push and moving around, it comes with 12″ inch wheels which are puncture-proof.

It has a powerful Honda engine of 196CC OVH with 2900PSI/200 bar pressure and flow rate of 8.5 Liter/M that provides the cleans significantly. It has a high-pressure spray gun with an extra 40cm stainless steel extension lance that will cover a larger area easily.

The head of the pump is made up of brass which gives maximum performance with self-suction function. But the body of the pump is made up of aluminium. Also, honda gives a 24-month warranty with 0.6L of 10w40 engine oil for FREE. It has a hose length of 7.5m and weighs 27.5kg.


  • On-Board Storage System That Can Store Hose, Pressure Gun
  • Flat Wheels Gives Easy Push From One Place To Another
  • Comes With Free Oil
  • Lightweight In Compare To Other Pressure Washers
  • Extra Coupling Nozzles
  • Powerful Honda Engine


  • Hose Length Is Not Big Enough To Cover More Area
  • Costly In Compare To What Other Competitors Offer In This Price Range
Final Verdict
Honda pressure washer partnered with WASPERR is the brand we all can trust. If you are looking lightweight unit that can be move easily and does what it says cleaning, then you can go for Honda Pressure Washer

5). DEALOURUS TX-PRO Petrol Pressure Washer

industrial pressure washers

If you are searching for a high power pressure washer that can tackle any cleaning from low to high end with low price end, then have a look at Dealourus TX-pro petrol pressure washer. It has a large fuel tank of 3.5l and a detergent bottle of 4.0L that will prevent you from refilling again and again.

With 8HP and 4 stroke OVH engines, this unit can clean paths, cars, high vehicles and give higher performance. It has a flow rate of 12L/min and a maximum pressure bar of 3950PSI (272Bar). The pump head is made up of brass and has an oversized rubber high wheel to move on tough terrain easily.

The manufacture has paid attention to cleaning features; that’s why it’s equipped with a quick-release hose, allowing you to wind out and in quickly. It has a five different nozzle offer five different spray setting allows from easy cleaning to hard cleaning. 

TX-Pro comes with a high length 20m reel high-pressure hose that will cover the cleaning area without moving around so much. Also, it has an oil sensor safety switch that will shut the engine when oil is low.


  • 20m Reel Hose
  • Comes With Large Fuel Tank 3.5L Capacity
  • Built-In Detergent Bottle Capacity Of 4L
  • Maximum Pressure Of 3950PSI (272Bar)
  • 12L/Per Minute Flow Rate
  • As An Added Bonus Comes With Straight Lance & Gutter Lance


  • Comes With Only 1 Year Warranty
Final Verdict
If you want to cover a larger area while cleaning the patio, driveways, blocks, then this pressure washer will do its job. Also, it will be easy to move around on rough terrain easily.

6). Wilks Genuine USA TX625 

commercial pressure washer 2021

If you are looking for Budget-friendly, portable, and easy to move from one place to another with rough terrain wheels and a robust handle, then check out Wilks pressure washer. This unit has a compact design and can be put inside the boot of the car easily. 

With the extra power feature, this pressure washer will finish the cleaning jobs quicker with low consumption of fuels. It has five nozzle clicks and goes with different colours, red, yellow, green, white, and black, in terms of cleaning features. Also, you will get all the cleaning accessories like turbo nozzle, self-propelled drain cleaner, spray gun, gutter lance, straight lance, etc.

You can connect and use this unit from anywhere the water is available, like a tap, bucket, pond, etc. It has a separate filter system to keep the debris out, protecting the engine from any damage. The manufacturer has 20 meters of the hose, which can easily cover a larger area giving you more time for cleaning without moving more.

This pressure washer is build up in a solid steel frame with an auto-start on/off feature that ensures the water flow only when required. With 7HP 4-stroke Engine with 3950 PSI max pressure bar and 720 Litres per Hour flow rate will clean hard cleaning task like paving, car, driveway, concrete floor, etc., easily. Comes with a 12-month warranty.


  • Budget-Friendly And Best For Industrial Use
  • It Comes With 5 Different Click & Go Nozzle
  • Fully Loaded Accessories That Will Make Cleaning Easier
  • Self Propelled Drain Cleaner
  • 20m Hose Cover Large Area


  • Makes Louder Noise
  • Lack Of Instruction
Final Verdict
Looking for a pressure washer that can cover a larger area without moving too much, then you can definitely go with Wilks TX625. Also, it comes with lots of handy accessories and makes your cleaning tasks easier for you.

Buyers Guide For Best Commercial Pressure Washers

We buy a commercial pressure washer because it can cover more area and give more powerful pressure while cleaning hard surfaces. Mainly Commercial or industrial pressure washers for cleaning buildings, tennis court, boats, industrial facilities, parking lots, city sidewalks, etc.

There are two types of pressure washers available in industrial usage: Electric Pressure Washer, Gas pressure washers, and petrol pressure washers. 


An electric pressure washer is more likely to use day-to-day cleaning tasks inside or outside the house, like cleaning cars, motorcycles, windows, garden furniture, etc. Electric one has less power than petrol, and an electric unit cannot be run for many hours. Also, you cannot use these machines daily.


Petrol pressure washer is mainly used for industrial usage or commercially depends on the usage. They can be run for hours with a high-pressure bar and excellent flow rate that makes cleaning easier on a hard surface. But they are heavier in size and requires more force to push while cleaning. Also, they make lots of noise that can be annoying for some users.

Things To Look Before Finalizing Industrial Pressure Washers

Additional Tools

Make sure when you have decided on a particular product, inspect are there any additional tools like an extra hose length, detergent bottle, extra lance, filters, etc. Filter plays an important role by blocking the debris and hence protecting the engine from getting damaged.


Ensure the wheels are puncture proof and have great manoeuvrability to move on high terrain without any problem. If you have decided to take your unit to clean your boat or inside the parking lot, it will be easier for you to push forward or backwards, giving you extra peace of mind.

On-Board Storage System

Always check these units should have an onboard storage system. Storage for nozzle, pressure gun, hose, etc., will help if everything is in one place. You don’t have to go here and there to find each product at the time of cleaning.

Hose Length

Always go with that unit that comes with a minimum hose length of more than 8m. If the pressure washer’s hose has more length, it will cover more area easily, and you don’t have to move constantly for cleaning.

Changing Of Oil

You should check the oil from time to time to prevent any damage from a pressure washer. If you don’t know how to change pressure washer oil, it’s not an easy task.

Final Thoughts

When selecting the best industrial pressure washer for your commercial usage, then it’s you who has to decide which one is best suitable for your need. If you are going with petrol one, they might be expensive compared to electric one but gives excellent cleaning.

And if you have decided to go with an electric one, they are budget-friendly, but they can’t beat what an electric pressure washer has to offer in cleaning.

Do let us know which one you choose from our given list in the comment section below. If you think we have missed any product and should be added to our list, please write that product below.

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