Best Cordless Pressure Washer UK : Top Pressure Washer In 2021

best cordless pressure washer

There are two types of pressure washer available today, and these are corded one, and the other is cordless machines. The best cordless pressure washers do not require any electricity and assembly. Drop the suction hose in any water source, turn on the washer, and you are ready to clean your surface.

These cordless pressure washers are ideal for cleaning smaller task such as cleaning cars, bicycle, mud on your shoes.  You can use these units anywhere and anytime you want. But if you are looking for a powerful pressure washer, then nothing beats the corded one.

A cordless pressure washer requires the battery to operate, and they are lighter in weight that can be carried easily. There are many places like the corner area, remote area, and large garden area that cannot be covered by traditional pressure washer machine. So, here a portable pressure washer machine comes in. 

How To Select Correct Cordless Pressure Washer

There is a numerous portable pressure washer available that might make you confused, and you end up buying the wrong one. So, below we have listed down some points that will help you select the right pressure washer for your day to day cleaning.

  • Check what accessories are provided by the manufacture. Some unit will have a hosepipe and no battery, and another unit might have a battery and no hose pipe provided.
  • What’s the Flow rate in litre per hour? The more water it will emit, the more cleaning area it will cover.
  • Spray angles.
  • Value for money & Build quality (Sturdy & Solid). 

Best Cordless Pressure Washers UK

1). Yard Force 22Bar 20V Aquajet Pressure Cleaner

yard force cordless pressure washer

The Yard Force LW CO2 is a portable pressure washer ideal for cleaning bicycle, small garden furniture, pets, etc. It has a 20v with 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery that lasts for up to 15 minutes when fully charged. The battery level indicator helps you know how much battery is left or how much the battery has been charged.

This unit gives a power of 22 bar with a water flow rate of 270 L/H. It has two pressure setting of high pressure and eco mode. The 3-in-1 adjustable spray modes are turbo with high spiral spray; jet gives a wide spray covering more area and low spray.

It comes with premium accessories like a lance, bucket, storage bag, battery, six-meter siphoning hose, brush, and foaming bottle. This unit comes with a 3-year warranty. While testing the unit, we feel this unit lacks low battery life and the amount of pressure it provides regarding its price what manufacture are charging.


  • It comes with lots of accessories, even with a storage bag
  • Adjustable pressure control with two different setting
  • The battery level indicator is helpful while you are doing any cleaning job
  • It gives a 3-year warranty, 2 years with the manufacture, and 1 year extended when you register the product online


  • Poor battery life of 15 minutes
  • Build quality is average
Final Verdict
The Yard Force is perfect for those looking for a pressure washer that provides good pressure cleaning and comes with a good amount of accessories. But you might have a hard time when you are going to cleaning a bigger area as the low-performance battery might need to charge again and again.

2). WORX Hydroshot Portable Pressure Washer

worx pressure washer 2021

If you are looking for a cordless pressure washer with all the premium accessories and does not require any large battery pack to carry, check out the Worx pressure washer. This unit has a power of 18v and delivers a powerful pressure of 25 bar and a water flow rate of 120 L/H. You can place the hose in any remote water source such as a pond, pool, bucket, etc.

The Worx has a powerful battery placed inside the spray gun that lasts for 20 minutes on the high-pressure spray, and the battery takes 5 hours to charge for the next cleaning fully. It is 10x more powerful than a garden hose, and it cleans bikes, boat, sheds.

It has a five pressure setting of  0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and sprinkle mode best for watering flowers. You don’t have to assemble anything while taking it out of the box and preparing for cleaning. This unit is a little bit heavy compared to its other model, and also, there are a handful of accessories that will help you clean efficiently.


  • Powerful battery lasts for around 20 minutes when fully charged
  • 5-in-1 nozzle helps to select the different spray for your cleaning
  • Draw fresh water from any source like pool, lake, bucket, etc
  • Weighs only 1.75 kg so its easy to carry anywehere you like


  • Expensive
  • Low water pressure
Final Verdict
If you don’t have any budget limit and looking for a durable cordless pressure washer, then Worx is perfect for cleaning surface area. You will get lots of accessories, and it also comes with a 3-year manufacture warranty.

3). Cordless 22bar Power Washer By Ryobi

ryobi washer

Ryobi 18w is a powerful pressure washer with a syphoning kit that pulls the water from any source such as a pond, pool, lake, and bucket to clean dirty surfaces quickly. This unit has a power of 18 volts and has a pressure of 22 bar with a water flow rate of 182 hours/litre. The built quality is excellent and has a hose length of 6m that delivers the power of 4x more than any standard garden hose.

It has a 3 mode nozzle function: turbo mode, jet mode, shower mode, etc. There are no accessories or battery provided or even Ryobi sell them separately. Also, there no cleaning accessories they providing like brush, bucket; not even cover. So you have to order this equipment separately to use it with Ryobi cleaning machine.


  • Perfect for those who are looking to clean boats, car, bicycle, etc. where traditional unit does not reach
  • Excellent build quality with easy to use product
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly in comparison to other competitors


  • No basic accessories are provided, even batteries are not provided
  • If you are looking to clean larger area like boat or car, it might take more time to clean
Final Verdict
The Ryobi is budget-friendly pressure washer which is lightweight and that has excellent build quality. But you have to extra accessories if you are looking to clean other surfaces.

4). 5 Multi Jet Battery Handheld Cleaner KHB By Karcher

karcher portable washer

If you are looking to blast off the dirt on a car, gutter, small garden furniture, that is what Karcher KHB 5 is designed for doing these jobs. This unit has an 18v powerful motor and a 2.5AH battery that lasts for 10-12 mins when charged fully. The charging takes 4 hours to charge the battery fully.

There is an LCD screen that shows how much battery left, and also it will show how much time is left for the pressure washer to run. The Karcherprovides the power of 24 bar with 5 sprays multi-jet feature in one lance. It also comes with a dirt blaster lance to clean the stubborn dirt on the hard surface.

If you are looking to take water from a static source, you have to buy a suction hose separately. Also, if the temperature goes up, it will be shut off automatically for few minutes. Karcher provides a 2-year standard warranty and provides a quality product at a good price.


  • LCD screen helps to provide battery information
  • Build quality is excellent
  • Good pressure with 5 different spray modes


  • Poor battery backup runs 10-12 minutes only
  • You have to purchase hose suction separately to draw water from the suction hose.
Final Verdict
The Karcher is perfect for those who don’t comprise quality. It delivers powerful pressure to clean stairs, motorbike, bicycle, car, etc. But you have to adjust in the battery department as it runs only for 10 minutes.

5). Cordless High-Pressure Washer WESCO 18V

wesco cleaning unit

Wesco pressure washer comes with a power of 22 bar and has multiple spraying nozzle suitable for cleaning different surfaces. It has multiple spray angles of 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and sprinkler. This unit is capable of garden watering, pet washing,  motorbike, etc.

The Wesco has a power of 320psi and a water flow of 120 L/h, where the average reach of pressure is 3m. This cleaning machine comes with premium accessories like a 6m hose, spray nozzle, extension lance, carry bag, charger, etc. The battery is provided with a unit that lasts for 20 minutes, but this unit does not have any battery indicator. 

It can take water from any water suction, and the build quality is excellent with a 2-year warranty. The assembly of the unit is simple, and you can also use it for indoor cleaning.


  • It comes with lots of accessories that help in cleaning the surface easily
  • Excellent build quality
  • Maximum pressure of 22 bar and water flow rate of 120 L/H


  • No battery indicator notifies how much battery is charged or remaining.
  • Few customer compalaint of average pressure
Final Verdict
If you are looking for a lightweight, portable pressure washer that can quickly handle and clean indoor or outdoor, you can check out the Wesco cleaning machine.

What Are the Uses of Cordless Pressure Washers

A cordless pressure washer is made for portability to efficiently clean the indoor or outdoor units where a traditional pressure washer does not reach. You cannot expect powerful pressure from them, but they are efficient enough to clean cars, motorbikes, boats, etc. They are lightweight, use anywhere, and draws water from any source, etc.

Factors To Consider While Selecting Cordless Pressure Washer


When it comes to power, you have to admit that you won’t be getting as high pressure as the corded pressure washer has. But you can go with a maximum power of 22 bar that will clean a small surface quickly.


Battery plays an important role when going with a cordless pressure washer as the more powerful battery will be, the more time it can run the unit. You can go with a lithium-ion one that lasts longer, have more operating time, and charges quickly.

Flow Rate

If you are going to clean your pet, bicycle, motorbikes, camping equipment, it’s okay to compromise with a low flow rate. But if you are looking to clean garden furniture, cars, and corners, you should consider a higher water flow rate.

You will not get a significant water flow rate, but still, you can complete many jobs where a standard pressure washer cannot do it.


How to Use Cordless Pressure Washer?

Using a cordless unit is easy to use. Connect the siphoning hosepipe to any water source, and the unit is ready to use. This pressure washer works without an outside tap.

Is Cordless Pressure Washer Any Good?

Yes, they are perfect when using them in a remote area or where the traditional pressure washer can’t reach. In fact, they are easy to handle, and before using them, no assemble is required.

Final Words

We hope this general information is useful and helps you find the best cordless pressure washer for your cleaning needs.

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