I am currently working in a reputed pressure washer company for the last ten years. I have tested and serviced more than 3000+ pressure washers in my current job, having real-time experience with how a pressure washer works and which machine is suitable for cleaning surfaces.

So Am I & Why Did I Started “Pressure Washer Elite”?


A few years back, my friend was looking for an electric pressure washer for cleaning concrete after the winter season as he could not find relevant information on the search engine.

So he purchased the wrong pressure washer machine with a low-pressure bar to clean the stained surface. So, in the end, he returned the product and asked me what should be the right pressure washer with a powerful water bar for cleaning.

Afterwards, he contacted me on my number, and I patiently listened to his requirement and suggested the right cleaning machine, which is still working perfectly for its cleaning purposes.

Then my friend Alex suggested that I start the website on pressure washers and provide the correct information to the people looking for it.

So then I started the website called Pressure Washer Elite and started providing the relevant information whenever I got time from my cleaning job.

I regularly update the content with all my effort and help the cleaners get the correct information for their pressure washers.



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